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Product Review: Weed Wipes All Natural Cleaner

Welcome back PNW readers, thanks for joining us again for another review!

One of the least liked things about smoking is the clean-up and maintenance involved in having clean, tasty hits that don’t taste like the resin left behind. Too many times the cleaners used are caustic and either hurt the eyes, nose, or both! Not to mention some of the aftertastes left behind just from the fumes getting in your mouth……..let’s change that shall we?


Let me introduce you to our newest addition to the PNW approved list, Weed Wipes!

Weed Wipes

Let’s talk about the cleaner first, then we’ll talk about what it can do and how it does it.

We thought Weed Wipes was a bit of an odd choice for a name. This isn’t a wipe, it’s an oil based cleaner that you clean using provided brushes. Not really important, just struck us as odd. We’re not sure what the oil is, but my guess is either palm or coconut oil as they make the claim that it’s all natural and edible. However, in the end it does just “wipe” away so the name fits I guess.

There is absolutely NO smell to the Weed Wipes cleaner. You won’t have to worry about being sensitive to chemicals here. One of our testers is HIGHLY sensitive, and she was completely unable to smell anything nor was she bothered by it in any way.

When you open the kit, you get two containers with the Weed Wipes cleaner and three brushes. One is a double ended bong brush, with a wide end on one side for the neck and barrel and a thinner side for the downstem.


You also get a pipe brush and a vaporizer or mini brush to help you clean your different sized pieces. The best thing about these brushes is that they are VERY flexible. They bend and twist to get where you need them to be, and are firmer than a pipe cleaner so they’re a bit more effective!

Now you’ve seen the kit and read our initial thoughts, how about we move on to what it actually does?

Cleaning with WW

Cleaning can be a little messy but is super simple. You take some of the Weed Wipes cleaner and use the brush to push it into your pipe or bong and then use the brush to spread it across the entire piece and to scrub the more stuck on parts.  The cleaner turns to a liquid as you warm it up, allowing it to spread more evenly and easily to cover the resin inside. You’ll be left with a light brown paste covering the inside of your glass.

While it wasn't a perfect clean, Weed Wipes is unique because it bonds to the resin itself. It encapsulates the resin, with the resin trapped inside the cleaner. You wouldn’t believe it, but plain old dish soap is all you need from here out! Drop some dish soap in your piece, use the brush to spread it all around until the cleaner has fully bonded to the soap. Then, just rinse with hot water and you’re done! When it’s all rinsed you’ll be left with some sparkling glass. As you see in the video, the soapy resin doesn’t mix with the water. It sits on the water’s surface until rinsed away.

We loved how little it takes to clean your glass. The kit comes with two containers of the cleaner, but we’ve barely dented the first one after over 10 cleanings. When their website says it’s approximately $0.35 per cleaning, they aren’t kidding!!

Testing and Uses

We tested the Weed Wipes cleaner more extensively than some of the other reviews we’ve done. Once we realized it was a damn good cleaner, we wanted to see what all it would clean!!

First off, I acted like a total newbie and planted my elbow RIGHT on my dab mat one day. I was able to rescue the majority of my dabs, but I had a nice circle of sticky shatter stuck to my elbow that nothing was removing……Weed Wipes to the rescue!!


I only used a single dab tool scoop end worth of the cleaner, and it cleaned my elbow. Not only that, it actually left my skin moisturized! Talk about versatile!


We also cleaned some tree sap from my kids’ fingers. As many of you know (ESPECIALLY if you’re in the PNW), tree sap is one of the stickiest substances we know of, and the Weed Wipes took care of it just like it does resin. Easy peasy!

Weed Wipes was used to clean a Dabstraw that had the reclaim fried in the tip and many other items as well. Other than leaving some stuff in the nooks and crannies, nothing was immune to this cleaner!


A great thing about the Weed Wipes cleaner is how it continues to help after the cleaning. It leaves a coating on the inside of your glass that prevents resin and reclaim from building back up as quickly and easily! This doesn’t leave any taste or feeling of residue behind, but it is a silent guardian for your glass!

Weed Wipe Flaws

There are a couple of flaws with this cleaner. First off, it’s messy. The brushes will fling the cleaner and resin mix everywhere if you’re not careful and pull the brush out of your pieces too far. In the video we fast forward through the messiest part so you can see the cleaner in action, but we didn’t finish at the table due to the mess it was leaving.

Second, the brushes fail. The bristles on the mini brush came out of the wire after 5-6 uses, eventually having to be thrown away because it was fully reefed out and didn’t have any bristles left at all! Thankfully, replacement brushes can be found on the Weed Wipes website for a good price.

Third, the oil isn't quite abrasive enough since the brushes fail easily. Adding some rock salt to the mix would make it a bit easier to get the stuck on resin or the resin stuck in the places the brushes just won't go.

The last real flaw is the consistency. Weed Wipes is fairly easy to work with when cool enough to be solid, but if you’re in a warm environment then it turns completely to liquid and becomes a PITA to use. However, I can’t bitch too much about this. The fact that it’s all natural and environmentally friendly is why it liquefies, it would require unnatural chemicals to remain in solid form no matter the temperature! Not only that, being able to pour your cleaner into the smaller openings can be useful.

Weed Wipes has become our favorite cleaner very quickly! The fact that its natural and has no caustic smell is a HUGE deal for us, especially for our more sensitive testers and reviewers. This definitely gets our badge of approval, and I’m not sure if I’ll go back to using another cleaner in the future unless I’m testing for a review!

Tired of the same old smelly cleaner?

Grab a Weed Wipes kit today!

Weed Wipes All Natural Cleaner




Ease of Use









  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No caustic smells
  • Versatile, not just for cannabis
  • Quick cleaning
  • Edible - Safe for pets and kids


  • Messy
  • Liquid can be hard to work with
  • Brushes fall apart fairly quickly
  • Non-abrasive