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Weed & Wrestling: 9 Questions with Mikey Gordon of the Cottonmouth Comedy Tour

Weed & Wrestling: 9 Questions with Mikey Gordon

Weed & Wrestling: 9 Questions with Mikey Gordon#AStonerinPNWonderland fans do we have a treat for you today! We interviewed the man behind the “highest” breakout comedy show on the West Coast, Mikey Gorden of the Cottonmouth Comedy Tour. As fans of comedy acts like Cheech & Chong or Katt Williams, it was exciting to learn how a comedy tour was born!

Our very own reviewer and blogger Jon got to ask some questions, and we thank Mikey very much for taking the time to let us peek a bit inside his project!

PNW – How did the Cotton Mouth Comedy Tour come into existence?

MG – With any form of entertainment, having a niche or a gimmick works. Look at Carrot Top, Gallagher, and others, they have gimmicks. Since 420 has been a big part of my life I figured why not embrace that in a professional sense. Plus I believed in the medicinal benefits of marijuana before I knew the science backed up what I already knew. Marijuana relieves anxiety and helps me make sense of this crazy world.

PNW – OK, now let’s talk about the comedians who join you on the road. Introduce us to your troupe of traveling troubadours! Ok, you’re not musicians but still……..

MG – Well, I’ve booked this tour in 15 states in 2015/2016 since our first tour Nov/Dec 2015 as this brand, Cotton Mouth Comedy Tour. We booked 8 tours that have happened, and we have two more planned for 2016. On each run we have a different line up of comics. The only consistent act has been me. My girlfriend Lucia Tuman who helps organize this with me has been a part of 3 of these tours. My buddy Tommy Lucero has been a part of 3 tours as well. But outside of that, the line ups have been completely different. We’ve used Ngaio Bealum, Pete Munoz, Saul Trujillo, Steve Poggi, Rob Spear, Christine Marie, Danny Mendoza, Beach Bum Alcoholics, and others. I put together the line ups based on availability and who I like to work with pretty much.

Weed & Wrestling: 9 Questions with Mikey Gordon

PNW – I attended one of the first Cotton Mouth Comedy stops in Eugene and it was a blast! There was great comedy, tons of cannabis given away (even if we couldn’t consume in the venue), and a great vibe all around! The tour is larger now, what have you done to maintain that vibe?

MG – Well, what we did on this last tour was changed the game entirely. I just put out a full album of the jokes that I’ve been working on for the past couple years, so I brought out a couple characters on this last run and entertained as them. I used these characters to compete in contests with the audience, as well as interactive segments that were more Improv than stand up. This, along with a new line up each run, we keep it fresh. It’s not like a regular comedy show now, more like a variety show revolving around marijuana.

PNW – This is a stoner comedian tour, and a lot of the times you’re at a bar for your stop. In Oregon that means no onsite consumption. Have you seen a dip in attendance at these shows?

MG – Not at all. 90% of our shows are done in music venues, comedy clubs, and public settings where alcohol is usually available for purchase so that takes out ability to consume on site. Plus with the laws the way they are consuming cannabis can only take place on private property. We have to follow the rules and laws as they are different not only in each state, but city, and county.

PNW – Now tell us about sponsors. K9 Chronic was a local sponsor and I know you have others along the trip. How hard was it to find sponsors for your events? Did any agree to sponsor an entire leg?

MG – Our shows are locally sponsored by head shops and dispensaries in the home market. Our tour is sponsored by products and publications which pretty much sponsor the whole tour.

PNW – We had some reports of the acts being recycled and reused during multiple stops and that while they had fun the comedy was stale. Tell us what it’s like to create new acts for a traveling show. How often are bits recycled in the industry?

MG – LOL. Stale comedy? Back before YouTube and the constant need for new content, comics would/could use the exact same act for 20, 30+ years. I’m talking the same exact act. Most comics work on their act for years and years, some more than decades using the same material. Let’s look at bands. They play the same songs throughout their careers, yet people come out to see them over and over. They want the greatest hits. In comedy it’s no different. In this day and age there is a constant need for new content and material. You may hear a couple of the same jokes here and there, but with us, its a completely new line up each tour, and we never do more than one show in a market. No matter the line up, it’s never the same show twice.

PNW – So…..wrestling. After following you for a bit it feels like I’m watching the Insane Clown Posse all over again. Don’t worry, I’m not a Juggalo hater, just curious. Tell us about your wrestling journey. How did that all get started?

MG – Started training in 2000. Wrestled all over the US. I wrestled 2 of ICP’s Gathering of the Juggalos actually. Haha. I have and still do run a wrestling promotions that hosts two monthly events in Santa Cruz, California where I live. I’ve been all over and recently wrestled on WWE’s Monday Night RAW. I’m 33, wrestling since I was 16, and I’ll wrestle until I’m 96.

Weed & Wrestling: 9 Questions with Mikey Gordon

PNW – Lucia has started wrestling with you recently. How has that been?

MG – Crazy. Getting your girlfriend into a business with crazy people, nut jobs, and wackos has been wild. Getting her also involved in pro wrestling has been cool as well.

PNW – Ok, so last question and we’ll let you go. I know you’re a super busy dude. What’s next for both your wrestling and for the Cotton Mouth Comedy Tour?

MG – I produce a weekly T.V. show for our pro wrestling events and that can be seen on our website as well as comedy tour dates. We will be a part of the 2016 Oregon Growers Cup.

Here is the rest of my schedule this year: (8 states CA, MI, OH, WI, MO, IL, IN, OR)
10/21 pro wrestling in Santa Cruz
11/5 pro wrestling in Santa Cruz
11/11 pro wrestling in Watsonville .CA
11/12 pro wrestling in Detroit MI
11/13 Cotton Mouth Comedy Tour Detroit MI
11/14 CMCT Toledo OH
11/15 CMCT Mishawaka IN
11/16 CMCT Green Bay WI
11/17 Comedy St Louis MO
11/19 pro wrestling Wood River IL
11/26 CMCT Sacramento CA
12/1 CMCT Oregon TBA
12/2 CMCT Salem OR
12/3 CMCT Oregon Growers Cup
12/4 CMCT Oregon TBA
12/8 Comedy Watsonville .CA
12/9 pro wrestling Watsonville .CA
12/10 pro wrestling Santa Cruz .CA
12/16 pro wrestling Castroville .CA

We want to thank Mikey Gordon for answering all of our questions and letting us pry into his upcoming plans a little. Catch him if you can, you won’t regret it! If you’re interested in booking Mikey or the Cottonmouth Comedy Tour head to for info.

Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted via email and was posted in it’s entirety with no edits to how the questions were answered.
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