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Product Review: Waterpuff Portable Water Pipe

Hey there PNW readers! Summer is winding down and I'm excited to bring you one of the travel pieces we've tested this year. I bring you the Waterpuff, the "amazing, portable water pipe". This is a tiny little unit that screws onto any 20 ounce bottle and turns it into a bong. It will fit any sized bottle with that opening as a matter of fact, and you could have a bong made out of a 2-liter soda bottle if you so chose!!


Sorry about the blurry pic there, but as you can see this fit right over our water bottle and gave us a nice little bong to smoke a bowl out of next to the river on the hike to Blue Pool on the McKenzie River, Oregon.

The Waterpuff:

The Waterpuff arrives in a clear plastic box with the acrylic unit inside of it. You can buy them singly or in a pack of 12.


When you unpack the unit you find the downstem, wrapped tightly in bubble wrap, stuck inside of the mouthpiece itself. This is an efficient package, there is very little waste, and it tucks inside of your backpack easily without taking up too much room or adding too much weight. That's a big deal for long distance hiking, this is definitely be our go to travel piece for our cross country hiking next year!

Using the Waterpuff:

To use the Waterpuff, you just screw the mouthpiece onto any bottle with an opening the size of a 20 oz. bottle. Slide the glass downstem through the top, and viola! You have a light-weight, cost effective travel bong without the worry of breaking that heady piece you have at home....


Make sure you punch a hole in the bottle, just under the threads, to create the carb so you can clear the smoke easier. Light your bowl and you're off to the races! The draw is nice and smooth, you get a full sized hit here and there is no compression of the water bottle so you don't have to worry about sucking water into your mouth. 


There are only a few flaws here, this little unit is one of the best "gadgets" we've tested so far.

First, there aren't any instructions. I know that this is fairly self-explanatory, but we have to test these items so that anyone knows what to do even if they've never smoked before. This means that if you don't know how, you wouldn't know to create a carb or to even pull the stem out to create a pull carb. You see us pull it out in the video to highlight that there aren't any instructions.

Second, the down stem is glass which means that you can break it if you drop it. I wish they would have used a strong acrylic like the PUK Pipe is made from to prevent that.

That's it, the Waterpuff portable water pipe. The price is right at $19.99 and the lightweight quality makes this an ideal piece for hiking or camping if you use regular water or soda bottles. This piece is DEFINITELY receives the PNWCR Badge of Approval!










Ease of Cleaning



  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Cost efficient


  • Glass stem can break
  • No instructions