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Product Review: Uphoria Cannabis Infused Personal Lubricant

Hey there PNW followers! How's everyone doing, I hope you're all having an irie day!

Today we're talking about sex and personal lubricants. If that offends you, click back and find a different review to read please. Don't leave though, there are plenty of great reviews to read! We're just going to be blunt here and probably have cuss words in this review, so please move on if that is gonna be a problem for you.

That being said, we all like sex right? Sadly, it's not always the easiest thing in the world to make sure that both participants are "ready" so to speak. Woman especially can have a harder time getting their bodies to be ready for sexual encounters and to create their own lubricant. There are many factors that cause this that we won't go into and there is an entire industry devoted to making sure that sex is fun and well lubed up.

Let me introduce you to Uphoria, a cannabinoid infused water based personal lubricant recently released by Sativa Valley Essentials based in Washington state.

Image Credit: Sativa Valley Essentials

This product contains medical cannabis to help women who may be having issues getting their bodies ready to "get busy". Let's talk about how it works, ok?

Using Uphoria:

The first thing we liked was the fact that this is a water based lube. Oil based lubes just DESTROY condoms. If you're single with no plans for kids, or if you plan on NOT getting infected with some nasty STI, then you just don't want to use an oil based one.

Image Credit: Sativa Valley Essentials

You NEED a water based lube to prevent that issue, and many of the cannabis infused ones we've read about are oil based. No bueno. There are enough unwanted children in this world without us cannabis consumers being as fucking stupid as the rest of the world. Stay away from oil based lubes, PLEASE!

Blunt part here: To apply Uphoria, you only need a single pump applied directly to the clitoris. It will drip down to lubricate the vagina as well, and the act of sex will spread it around and make everything that needs to be slippery........well, slippery.

The "Uphoric" Effect:

Unlike other cannabis personal lubes, you don't need to put this on in advance. You start fooling around, and when you're ready you apply it and forget about everything else except your partner.

Uphoria felt just like my partner. I can't really put it any other way. It didn't have tackiness that I've found with other lubricants (whether cannabis infused or not) and she felt "wet" as if it was her natural fluids and not a lube.

Image Credit: Sativa Valley Essentials

Not only that, but Uphoria helped my partner and I be MUCH hornier! We didn't really notice a body high (we're regular consumers so it takes a lot to get us high), but our libidos fuckin took off! For us, the libido increase WAS the high, I wanted to keep going for hours!

There it is, we brought you Uphoria by Sativa Valley Essentials. I could have nitpicked enough to drop the score from 10/10, but there wasn't really anything that I could find as a flaw. We love this stuff and it is the ONLY lubricant we use any more. At least until our bottle is gone. Currently you can only get this in Washington, which is the only real con. However a bottle lasts a while, just a single pump is really all you need when you're having sex so I don't think we'll run out soon. Pick one up and give it a test yourself, you and your partner will be happy you did!


Want to try it for yourself?

Click here to go to Sativa Valley's page to find out how!
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  • Water based
  • Smooth feel
  • Increases libido


  • Hard to get outside of WA