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Concentrate Review: Top Shelf Extract’s Durban Poison

How's it goin PNW readers! Thanks for joining us yet again for another of our concentrate reviews. We've been dabbing some Durban Poison from Top Shelf Extracts, an extract company out of Eugene, Oregon. We picked up our gram from Next Level Wellness, one of our go to shops in the area for having some of the best deals on the cleanest extracts. When we found out that they had this Durban shatter for only $20 a gram, we fell all over ourselves making sure we got some!

The Look:

Like many other extractions companies, they package their concentrates in a black envelope branded with their logo and wrapped in parchment paper. Like we've said before, this is a common form for companies to package their waxes/shatters/oils, and I wish they would take more time to be a bit more unique. At least this was in a resealable package and not just a paper envelope.....

Look at that golden shatter!! Trust us, it tasted just as good as it looked!

This is a very clear shatter that we couldn't help playing with a little! It's very stable, it stayed solid and didn't stick to my fingers even after holding it for an extended period. I did it on purpose to see how long it would take, and unlike other shatters that get tacky at body temp this stayed solid and brittle. It's very easy to break off some dabs, just watch out and don't take too much. The hit you're about to take can drop even an experienced dabber!

The Experience:

Durban Poison is a kick in the head, for sure! This is a pure sativa who's lineage comes from the African landraces. This is popular for the fact that it's a "get-up-and-go" high that gives you plenty of energy and a happy mood without any of the head high that you get from hybrids or pure indicas.

Got my Dabstraw out to make sure we were able to fully taste these dabs!

When you first inhale you immediately taste the signature Durban flavor. Slightly spicy and earthy, with a piney flavor that immediately takes you outdoors. This strain epitomizes the PNW in my opinion. It tastes like our forests and leaves you happy, energetic, and full of creative energy. The high is very cerebral, it settles in your head right away! It doesn't stop there though, the high has many layers that take about 20 minutes to fully settle in. Each time I felt it get a bit stronger I actually became more alert and interested in doing more shit.......I'm still amazed at how much I enjoyed this shatter!


The main flaw in this is the dry mouth. I had some hella cotton mouth, and I feel like I drank a river's worth of water after taking a few of these dabs to the dome.....Also, like almost every other strain I've reviewed so far, this is not as available as we would prefer. The dabs sell out quick in shops, and not everyone grows it or extracts it when they do. It's a popular strain, that's for sure, and it makes it a little hard to find.

Durban Poison has become our go to strain, and Top Shelf Extracts is killin it with their shatter extraction! Pick some up at several locations including Next Level Wellness and The Herbal Connection in Eugene, Oregon!

Tired of poor quality extracts?!

Check out Top Shelf Extracts next time!













  • Massive flavor
  • Amazingly cerebral high
  • Clean, quality extract
  • Best price for quality


  • Not always available
  • Massive cotton mouth