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Utensil Review: Trilltech Universal Domeless Titanium Nail w/Hoody Carb Cap

Welcome back PNW followers! Do you dab? Well, whether you're new to dabbing or not you're probably wondering which nail is best for you? Do you go with quartz, ceramic, or titanium? Well, those choices are about personal preference, and I'm here to help you decide by showing you the Trilltech Universal Domeless Titanium Nail with their special "Hoody" carb cap.

Trilltech Universal with 18 mm sheath and "Hoody" carb cap

There are several options when dabbing; you have your choice of nail materials AND you get to choose between domed or domeless nails. Due to reclaim leaving a sticky mess to clean, I prefer domeless nails.  Let me tell you about the Trilltech from The Errl Shop, shall I?

The Nail:

The Trilltech nail is a titanium domeless option. This is a universal model, you can unscrew the sheath and swap it between a 14 and 18 mm joint, and you can reverse the 18 mm sheath and it will fit a 19 mm oil rig as well. It heats quickly and retains the heat for a decent amount of time, giving you plenty of time to heat and pass the rig. It's a nice size too, not too large but not too small either. It fit my little mini rasta rig perfectly and didn't leave it looking over-sized for the rig.

Mini rasta oil rig looks pretty nice with the upgraded nail!

We've tested another titanium nail (domed variety) and we didn't like it. It had a massive metallic taste to the dab, no matter how much we seasoned the nail. This nail did NOT have that same problem. After seasoning with a couple of reclaim dabs it mellowed out into a perfect nail that heats exactly as expected, every time. Just make sure to test the heat before applying your dab to the hit, high heats destroy your flavor profile and leave you with just a mouthful of warm, stale tasting vapor.

One of our favorite parts of the design of this is what Trilltech calls the "direct inject downstem". The stem of the nail is as long as the sheath itself, so your reclaim is deposited directly into your rigs reclamation area, not the joint. After well over an ounce of concentrates consumed using this nail, it still doesn't stick to the joint and the joint has stay extremely clean!

As you can see, the joint is clean and the downstem doesn't have reclaim built up!

The "Hoody":

As I mentioned above, the nail holds your preferred heat for a bit. Well, I prefer low temp dabs to retain my flavor and terpene profile. If you've ever used too little heat yourself, you know that you're left with a puddle of concentrates in the bottom of your nail that just gets wasted if you don't heat the nail enough. Trilltech's "Hoody" carb cap fixes this little problem. As someone explained to me, "If you're dabbing too hot, you're burning off vital cannabinoids that are often medically beneficial. You're also not getting anywhere close to the real flavor if you're dabbing too hot. If you drop your dab in and your rig immediately fills with smoke, you're taking it too early. It should be extremely light vapor, almost non existent, until you put the cap on."

The "Hoody" definitely gives a unicorn vibe....we give you "The Dabicorn"

The cap pressurizes the heat and creates somewhat of a vacuum to be able to vaporize the dab at lower temperatures. If you have the right temp for your nail, you won't get much of a hit at first but when you cap it off you'll see your rig immediately fill with milky vapor and you end up with good hit that is filled with flavor. No more loss of terpenes and cannabinoids.


There are only a couple of flaws to this, and all of them involve the "Hoody" carb cap. First off, the cap is designed to be a dabbing tool AND cap combined. Well, this just led to getting sticky reclaim on your hands when you reversed the cap to cap off your nail. Not a huge flaw, more operator error than not, but it's enough that we don't use the dab tool part of the cap. Second, the cap gets HOTYou have to remember to pull it off of the cap once your hit is done or you'll burn yourself once it's sat on the hot nail for a bit. The heat will travel up the dab tool part of it, and after a few dabs in a row even you have to let it cool.

Single air hole in the "Hoody" carb cap

Finally, the air hole in the cap is very small and there is only one. The airflow is reduced by a crazy amount and you feel like you're trying to suck a golf ball through a hose all of a sudden when you cap your nail off. There really needs to be a second hold opposite the first, or just bore the existing hole a bit wider.

There you go PNW followers! That's the Trilltech Universal Domeless Titanium Nail and Hoody carb cap. We haven't used any other nail since we received this one, and once we learned how to use the Hoody properly the flavor of our dabs really comes through! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to upgrade from a quartz or a different titanium nail!

Want to taste your dabs?

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  • Leaves joint clean; doesnt stick
  • Low temp dabs
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Carb cap gets hot
  • Fingers can get sticky from cap
  • Very low airflow in cap