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Product Review: The Dome Vaporizer

Hey there PNW readers! It's getting to be summer here in the US and in the Northwest we are ramping up for a season of hiking, camping, fishing, floating, and other outdoor activities. Being on the move means that we need a portable option to our awesome Pulse Glass dab rig at home. That means we need a good vape pen, and today we're bringing you a review of The Dome portable vaporizer and the Hydromizer H2 water attachment! Before we get started though make sure you watch the unpack video to see exactly what we are testing and how the water attachment works.

The Vaporizer:

As you saw in the video above, the vape comes in a slim box well padded. Like other pens, this one is in three parts: dome, coil, and battery. One thing I typically dislike about portable pens with concentrate coils is that the coils never seem to thread on straight. This didn't happen with this coil. The coil screwed on straight and firm and had a nice, tight connection to the battery.

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The globe is something I want to highlight for a moment. Most pens that come with glass globes have a major design flaw in my opinion. A lot of them come with plastic mouthpieces that are separate from the globe itself which requires extra cleaning to prevent it from being gummed up too much by the reclaim or you getting your lips sticky.



The mouthpiece on The Dome's globe is glass and a single piece connected to the globe itself. This makes o-rings unnecessary and prevents reclaim build up as much near your lips. Use has also shown that the reclaim doesn't build up in the mouthpiece almost at all and it was very easy to clean!


The Dome also comes with the standard accessories that most vape pens come with. In the box was a couple of alcohol wipes, a mini-dab tool with a scoop on one end and a point on the other, and the usual power charger.

Using the Vaporizer:

We got a nice hit off of this as long as we used the water attachment, but the coil isn't as efficient as some we have tested. It takes multiple hits to clear the coil, even if you're trying to power lung a baby dab in one hit. Just didn't work out that way. The coil also doesn't efficiently melt your concentrates down towards your coils. It took a couple of times of removing the coil and pushing the residual wax down onto the coil to clear it and be ready for a reload.

However, the coil is fairly low temp so your dabs are full of flavor!

White Rhino Hydromizer H2 Water Attachment:

White Rhino included the Hydromizer H2 water attachment for us to test with The Dome. The attachment comes in a kit shown below. It has two extra coils, a full sized dabbing tool that has caps on both ends to keep your bag or kits clean, the attachment itself, and a silicone concentrate container to hold all of your stuff.

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By far, this is our favorite water attachment to date. Take a look at this science project looking bad boy! Unlike some of the other water attachments out there, the water chamber sits off to the side so you don't accidentally pull water into your mouth by not paying attention and hitting it too hard. It does make the entire unit lopsided and you have to use a stand to prevent it from falling over, but it's totally worth it! Stay tuned for a review of the water attachment by itself!


The main flaw to this pen was that it just didn't hit like other pens we've tried. The coil doesn't heat evenly so you don't get all of your concentrate melted down onto the coils for even hits with large clouds. Also, although it's comparable to other pens it has a slightly higher cost at $70.00 each. Other than that, it has quality construction and nothing feels weak or "janky" as I like to put it.

Well, that's it. Everything I can tell you about the The Dome pen. It's not the worst we've tried by far, and even if it's not our personal favorite it still rated a fairly high score. White Rhino provides quality equipment and I suggest giving them a try if you haven't purchased one already and don't know which to get. The only real flaws we saw were that the coil doesn't heat evenly and you don't get huge clouds when hitting it. The pen is also a bit spendier than some of the other pens we've received, this one comes in at $69.99. Pick up one of these awesome items by clicking the links below!

The Dome Vaporizer - $69.99

Hydromizer H2  Water Attachment - $89.99


Want to join the White Rhino family?

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Ease of Use







  • Well made
  • Easy to use
  • Mouthpiece stays clean


  • Higher cost compared to other pens
  • Smaller hits comparably