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Subscription Review: The Hemper Pack

The Hemper Pack

Hey there PNW fans! Thanks for joining us up here in the PNW for another Dank Mail review!! Today we bring you the Hemper Pack, a lighter version of the normal monthly subscription box from Hemper. You’ve seen our review of the Hemper Box, now let’s check out their introductory pack!

There are a bunch of options out there for monthly subscriptions that are geared towards the cannabis consumer, and it’s hard to know where to start. Many of them can be quite expensive as well, depending on what they have included in the boxes. They also have a bunch of items you may not want and so you’re left feeling like you wasted a bit of cash……let’s see what Hemper offers then!

The Hemper Pack:

The Hemper Pack offers you a smaller pack than most other subscription companies out there. You get a number of joint smoking supplies. You get some RAW cones, a RAW clipper lighter, some Elements papers with a joint tube.

They round out the pack with an aluminum rolling tray, a glass joint tip, and some smalls to give some value to the box.


Like I said above, this was very joint focused. You get:

  • 2 packs of RAW pre-rolled cones – $3
  • RAW Clipper lighter – $2
  • Elements papers – $1
  • OG Tips glass joint tip – $3
  • Plastic joint tube w/pre-rolled cone – $2
  • “High There” branded aluminum joint rolling tray – $10
  • Alcohol wipes – $1
  • Stickers – $2

You pay just uner $12 and the pack is roughly valued at $25 and they don’t charge shipping so this is a GREAT way to get an introduction to the world of monthly subscriptions. This is also a great monthly joint smokers pack, with some smoking gear arriving at your door each month.


Not much wrong with this box. The size prevents it from getting higher on the PNW Approved scale, but the value it gives for the cost and the “lighter” version of a subscription box make this an awesome way to see what the “Dank Mail” world is all about! Thanks for joining us, and look up the Hemper Pack if you’re looking for a entry level or joint focused monthly subscription box!












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