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Product Review: Tap Dat Ashtray

Hey there PNW followers. I have a shorter review for you today. This is the Tap Dat Ashtray from Synche Enterprises. We were sent this to test out and honestly, we haven't used our old ashtrays since we got it! Other than a couple of improvements I feel need to be adjusted I love this thing! Let's talk about what you get....

Tap Dat Ashtray:

When you open the box you get the ashtray and a nice little laminate card that talks about the ashtray. The first thing I noticed was the humor. "Don't be afraid to tap it" is their tag line (see photo below) and I chuckled when I saw it.


The back of the card includes the graphic below. It talks about the different parts of the ashtray, including spots to hold a bowl or lighters and slots for rolling papers. One nice part about this ashtray is that it has holes that are perfectly sized for 14mm & 18mm bowls!

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A nice thing about the ashtray is it's silicone construction. It is virtually indestructible. The silicone can withstand high heats, and unless you're sawing at this with a blade you're not going to tear or rip it. The large nub in the middle make this ashtray though. You can knock your bowl against this as hard as you want and nothing is going to happen. Really, I slammed a bowl against this so hard I knocked over bottles and didn't hurt my glass!!



As you see in the photo above, a joint resting on the center nub won't hurt it either. The heat from the cherry did nothing to mar the silicone. Finally, this is the easiest thing in the world to clean. Just dump your ashes and use a damp paper towel to wipe it out. Got something stuck on? Pop it in your dishwasher and it'll come out looking brand new. You just may want to make sure you're washing it alone to prevent resin or whatever from sticking to your dishes.....that shit does NOT like to come off of ceramic plates!

For only $19.95, I don't think you'll find a more cost effective ashtray that preserves your bowl so well!


Only a couple of flaws here. First off, and the main issue with the ashtray, is the bottom silicone near the center nub is weak. It's extremely flexible, and feels paper thin near the nub itself. I haven't been able to tear it here thankfully, but the flexibility means that when you're tapping your bowls out you can actually bounce ashes out because the nub jumps too easily. Also, picking up the ashtray by the corner will flex it corner to corner, and I accidentally spilled ashes out because it was too full and sort of "tacoed" with the weak bottom. This needs to be firmed up a bit in my opinion.

One other flaw, and this is more my preference than an actual flaw. There are two holes in the corners opposite the bowl holders, and these are for lighters mainly. Sadly, they're perfectly round and only a Clipper lighter will go in there. I tried to shove a Bic in the spot, but it just slid right out. I'd love to see one of these holes in the shape of a Bic lighter.

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Ease of Cleaning



  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Utensil slots
  • High heat resistance


  • Weak rubber on bottom
  • No spot for Bic lighter