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Product Review: Cloud Classic Mini Vape Pen

How's it going PNW readers? We've shown you a number of products from Cloud Vapes, and we've huge fans of their products and recommend all of our readers to buy their products (yes, we're affiliates). Give this video a watch so we can shows you to another awesome product of theirs.... Ok, so

Product Review: The Dome Vaporizer

Hey there PNW readers! It's getting to be summer here in the US and in the Northwest we are ramping up for a season of hiking, camping, fishing, floating, and other outdoor activities. Being on the move means that we need a portable option to our awesome Pulse Glass dab

Gadget Review: Cloud V Platinum Tommy Chong Edition Vaporizer

Chief Like Chong

How's it going PNW readers? As promised, here is the unpack and reveal of the Cloud V Platinum Tommy Chong edition portable vaporizer. Give the video a watch, and then scroll down for my thoughts and official review. Ok, so you've watched the video right? Good. Time to talk about this awesome vape pen! The Vaporizer: The