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Product Review: Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Product Review: Arizer Solo Vaporizer Hello PNW followers! Today we're here to bring you another dry flower vaporizer review from Arizer, the Arizer Solo. Here at the PNWCR HQ we are moving more and more away from smoking cannabis, preferring to either dab or vaporize our medicine. We have tested several dry flower vaporizers and we

Product Review: BuckyKing Gravity Bong Bowl

Hello there PNW Fans! Thanks for joining us for another review here at PNW CannaReviews. Today we're taking a look at the BuckyKing, a gravity/waterfall bong bowl made from quality stainless steel. This thing is a blast from the past for me for sure!! I can't remember the last time I

Subscription Review: The Stashbox

Welcome back PNW fans. Thanks for joining us for the first of our follow-up reviews for our Dank Mail article. We were sent the Halloween themed Stashbox, the monthly box they sent out for October. There are more and more of these subscriptions popping up which means more and more competition

Product Review: Cloud Nova

Hello again PNW fans! Today we're reviewing the Cloud Nova liquid vaporizer for vaporizing ecig juices and other juices infused with cannabinoids. There has been this huge trend moving away from tobacco products towards electronic vaporization devices, and there are a ton of them! We actually held off reviewing any ecig

Product Review: Woodstalk Curing Jars

Welcome back to another review PNW fans!! Today we're going to show you the Woodstalk Bamboo storage jars, a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to glass storage jars. There are several alternatives for cannabis storage, from the CVault (metal) containers to Dope Jars (glass) and everything in between, but these were the

Concentrate Review: Blue Dream Wax by Om Extracts

Hello there PNW followers. I'm back with another concentrate review for our wonderful fans! We visited a new shop in our hometown of Eugene, Oregon and came across a concentrate company we hadn't heard of before, Om Extracts. Today we're reviewing the Om Extracts Blue Dream wax! As you probably know by

Product Review: Hemplight Spooly Lighter Case

Thank you for joining us for another review PNW followers! We bring you another item that has come out due to legalization and industrialization of cannabis, the Hemplight Spooly lighter case. This case comes with a spool of hemp wick included and allows you to feed hemp wick up the back of

Product Review: Waterpuff Portable Water Pipe

Hey there PNW readers! Summer is winding down and I'm excited to bring you one of the travel pieces we've tested this year. I bring you the Waterpuff, the "amazing, portable water pipe". This is a tiny little unit that screws onto any 20 ounce bottle and turns it into a bong.