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Subscription Review: The Hemper Pack

The Hemper Pack

Hey there PNW fans! Thanks for joining us up here in the PNW for another Dank Mail review!! Today we bring you the Hemper Pack, a lighter version of the normal monthly subscription box from Hemper. You've seen our review of the Hemper Box, now let's check out their introductory pack! There

Subscription Review: December #myTHCbox


Welcome back PNW fans. Thanks for joining us for another review, and we're ending 2015 with a bang! Here is another follow-up to our Dank Mail article. Let me introduce you to the December #myTHCbox! One thing that is a big problem with the emerging cannabis industry is the lack of professionalism. A lot

Utensil Review: The Flic Wic

flic wic

Welcome back PNW fans! Thanks for joining us for another review straight out of the Pacific NW, and we have to say we're happy to see this little guy! Let me introduce you to the Flic Wic! This is another lighter case light the Hemplight Spooly, but the Flic Wic

Product Review: Cloud Classic Mini Vape Pen

How's it going PNW readers? We've shown you a number of products from Cloud Vapes, and we've huge fans of their products and recommend all of our readers to buy their products (yes, we're affiliates). Give this video a watch so we can shows you to another awesome product of theirs.... Ok, so

Utensil Review: The Bong Buddy Lighter Leash

Welcome PNWCR fans! Thank you for reading another review out of the Northwest! This review is a special one for me! We've introduced our awesome fans to some great products, but this is definitely our favorite for what it does! Let me introduce you to the Bong Buddy lighter leash! We