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Product Review: Hemplight Spooly Lighter Case

Thank you for joining us for another review PNW followers! We bring you another item that has come out due to legalization and industrialization of cannabis, the Hemplight Spooly lighter case. This case comes with a spool of hemp wick included and allows you to feed hemp wick up the back of

What is Hempcrete?

So, what is hempcrete? The infographic below says it all.... Thanks to Education not Medication for the graphic above. Hempcrete is an amazing combination of hemp hurds (the woody interior pulp of the hemp plant), lime and water. It's super durable, flame resistant, made from renewable resources, and the best part is

Happy Earth Day!

It's not that often that we share others' blog posts, but in the spirit of Earth Day we thought this was a good one to share.... As reported by the, cannabis growers are being partially blamed for the massive drought happening in California. Both legal and illegal grows are being blamed

Expo Brings CannaBusinesses to Portland, Oregon

Jon R. – PNW CannaReviews The stage is set, booths are up, and the noise of the crowd gets louder and louder. Hundreds of people gathered in Portland, Oregon on March 28th and 29th this year for the second Oregon Hemp Convention at the Portland Expo Center. I had the opportunity