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Product Review: Strong Silicone Water Bong

Strong Silicone has created the ultimate festival bong and we get to show it to you! What's goin on PNW fans, Jon here again to bring you another review of an awesome product! Today we bring you the bendable, foldable, almost unbreakable Strong Silicone Water Bong!!              

Roots, Rock, Reggae: Music Festival Returns to Glide, OR

The weather was sunny, the temps were HOT, and the stages were all ready to go. The PNW media team hit the road and off we went, excited to see some amazing artists and absorb the wonderful vibe that was already charging through the Facebook event page and that we've come to

Expo Brings CannaBusinesses to Portland, Oregon

Jon R. – PNW CannaReviews The stage is set, booths are up, and the noise of the crowd gets louder and louder. Hundreds of people gathered in Portland, Oregon on March 28th and 29th this year for the second Oregon Hemp Convention at the Portland Expo Center. I had the opportunity