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Utensil Review: The Bhanga Box

bhanga box

How's it going PNW followers? Thanks for joining us again for another review. Today we have a new utensil for you all, the Bhanga Box cannabis storage box. We are always looking for ways to take our herb along with us and not have that telltale smell give us away! So,

Product Review: The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen

Dabolute Concentrate Pen

Hey there PNW fans! Thanks for joining us for another review here at the PNWCR HQ! Give the video a watch and then we'll talk about what we thought of the Dabsolute Pen. Now that you've watched the review, lets talk about the emerging market for a moment before we move

Product Review: Cloud Classic Mini Vape Pen

How's it going PNW readers? We've shown you a number of products from Cloud Vapes, and we've huge fans of their products and recommend all of our readers to buy their products (yes, we're affiliates). Give this video a watch so we can shows you to another awesome product of theirs.... Ok, so

Concentrate Review: Blue Dream Wax by Om Extracts

Hello there PNW followers. I'm back with another concentrate review for our wonderful fans! We visited a new shop in our hometown of Eugene, Oregon and came across a concentrate company we hadn't heard of before, Om Extracts. Today we're reviewing the Om Extracts Blue Dream wax! As you probably know by

Product Review: Oil Slick Silicone Products

Product Review: Oil Slick Silicone Products Hello again PNW fans! I'm happy to say we've come across our first 10/10 product line! We've only had one other item rate higher than a 9.8/10 (you can see that review here) and so we're excited to tell you about the silicone products from Oil

Gadget Review: Cloud V Platinum Tommy Chong Edition Vaporizer

Chief Like Chong

How's it going PNW readers? As promised, here is the unpack and reveal of the Cloud V Platinum Tommy Chong edition portable vaporizer. Give the video a watch, and then scroll down for my thoughts and official review. Ok, so you've watched the video right? Good. Time to talk about this awesome vape pen! The Vaporizer: The