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Book Review: Sungrown – The Grower’s Guide to Cannabis

Book Review: Sungrown – The Grower’s Guide to Cannabis

Hey there PNWCR fans! Thanks for joining us for another review out of the Pacific Northwest! I’m excited because this was a first for us! We were asked by the awesome crew over at Moss Crossing to take a look at a new book they have on their shelves, written by a long time medical cannabis provider Louise Weinberg. Let me introduce you to Sungrown: A Grower’s Guide to Cannabis.

If you’re a new grower taking advantage of your legal recreational cannabis growing freedoms, this book is for you. If you’ve been growing but want to step up your game, this book is for you. If you’re growing cannabis at all, this book is for you! Sungrown takes all of the myriad of information on growing cannabis and distills it down to an easily digested, small book that you’ll want to keep on your coffee table all the time. In just 60 pages I learned more about cloning and pest management that I was able to glean from the more technical manuals out there! Even the advanced grower can glean a nugget or two of info from this book!

When I first received the book I was positive that its small size meant that it was lacking for information. That was just not true! I learned more from this tiny book, in one evening, about cloning that I have by reading several other books on growing cannabis. They all just throw too much information at you. Thankfully, Louise takes out all the scientific jargon and walks you through each subject quickly and in an easy to read manner.

Sungrown has become one of our new favorite books and has forever earned it’s place in our library of cannabis books. This definitely earns the PNWCR Badge of Approval!

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