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Subscription Review: Dollar High Club November 2016 Unboxing

Subscription Review: Dollar High Club November 2016 Unboxing
Subscription Review: Dollar High Club November 2016 Unboxing

Welcome back PNW fans! Thanks for joining us for another subscription review! This month we have the #Science themed November box from the Dollar High Club! These guys are modeled a lot like a very well known shaving subscription club (that we’ve been a member of for years now!) and this month they show us why they are one of the best subscription boxes out there!

The Dollar High Club Subscription Service:

The DHC team offers three different levels to choose from ranging from $1 (yes, that’s ONE DOLLAR!) to $30 a month, so you get to choose just how much you want to get each month. This is PERFECT for those looking for an introductory option to test the waters so to speak. Let’s look at this month’s El Primo box!

The El Primo:

Subscription Review: Dollar High Club November 2016 Unboxing


The El Primo is the largest box you can subscribe to from DHC, and this is the box for those who REALLY want a variety! This box came with a ton of items! This is basically the Connoisseur level plus glass! We got:

  • A pack of Elements filter tips
  • A Medilighter Clipper lighter
  • A joint tube
  • A dutch cone joint roller with joint container.
  • Nice slap
  • Dragon bristle pipe cleaners
  • 420 Wipes alcohol wipes
  • Glass clear rolling papers
  • Small roll of hempwick
  • A 9″ beaker style scientific flower & dab rig

This level is their $30 level and the glass bubbler alone made that worth the price! This was a scientific bubbler with a glass-on-glass pull-carb bowl for flower as well as a dome & nail if you’re a dabber…….add free shipping and this was a super steal! I would guess the entire value of this box was roughly $60, which was great for the value.

Side note: DHC is one of the few that actually offer the items in their boxes in an online store, so you didn’t miss out on some of these items even though it’s way past September!


There weren’t many flaws for this service. The El Primo box was a little light, we’ve seen boxes with a lot more in them for the same price, even if those items weren’t the best.  However, none of those were really flaws and only detracted a little bit.

There is the November #Science box from Dollar High Club! This was a great choice to go with and their different levels offer something for everyone! These guys definitely receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval!












  • Glass is worth more than the box costs
  • Great selection of
  • Expertly curated each month for a great smoking experience


  • Could use a bit more
  • Light on slaps
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