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Product Review: Strong Silicone Water Bong

Strong Silicone has created the ultimate festival bong and we get to show it to you! What’s goin on PNW fans, Jon here again to bring you another review of an awesome product! Today we bring you the bendable, foldable, almost unbreakable Strong Silicone Water Bong!!


strong silicone water bong
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We live in the Pacific NW and spend a lot of time outdoors. Not only that, we spend a lot of time at festivals. That means we need a bong that will hold up to the beatings we give it. We’ve shown you a small portable model, the Roll-Uh-Bowl, and now we bring you a full sized travel bong.

The Strong Silicone Advantage:

The bong comes in the standard discreet packaging the industry uses, with no markings on the box to indicate that this is a stoners package. We appreciate that a lot, even if we do live in a legal state. No one else needs to know our business. We got to pick our color, and we chose the Emerald Adventurer. All of their bongs have Adventurer in the name, which is apt since this is the best portable bong out there in our opinion.


Strong Silicone Water Bong


We dubbed this awesome dude “Gumby“, and our bong buddy always has an orange lighter in it that we call “Pokey“. They have several colors available, and a brand new glow-in-the-dark model that I wish we were able to test as well. Any way you put it though, this bong passed all of our tests with flying colors!

Using the Strong Silicone Water Bong:

The bong is a great item made from BPA free, non toxic, 100% FDA approved food grade silicone with a boro-silicate downstem and bowl. These are the only parts of the whole thing that can break, and the silicone is sturdy enough that it protects the glass pretty well.


Strong Silicone Water Bong
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If you REALLY worried about them breaking, you can slip them inside the mouthpiece and the removable ice catcher will hold them in place and protect them. Just fold the bong around itself and on you go!



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This bong smokes just like you were using a high end glass piece, you can see in the video above that we got a lung full of smoke. We actually don’t use anything else for flower at this point, this is completely replaced our go-to pieces!

Traveling with the Strong Silicone:

This may be the greatest festival bong we’ve ever seen. One of the best things about this is the base suctions to any smooth surface. No more knocking your bong over while you’re trying to load it (ignore the mishap in the video, that was me trying to be clever and it bit me in the ass). Kick it in your booth and never worry about losing your rig or your herb.


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I know they look a bit like……yeah. I almost didn’t use that picture but it’s one of the best examples of how well it suctions no matter what they kinda look like……at one point I literally picked up a hotel room coffee table because it grabbed on so well.

Let’s quickly discuss the cost of these. You can pick one up on their site for $80.00 for the standard model, or $100 for the glow-in-the-dark, After Glow Adventurer. This is not a bad price at all!! Many of the beaker style rigs can go for $150 or more for just a standard piece, and this rips just as hard (if not harder) than some of the pieces I’ve had over the years.


There are only a couple of flaws to this rig. The main one actually had to do with the color. As you burn your product you get resin, even with water. We’ve all cleaned rigs before. The resin will, over time, begin to saturate the silicone and the color begins to bleed through. At this point we’ve tested it for a while now and the base is beginning to look at bit….brown.


Strong Silicone Water Bong


You can REALLY tell the difference between the color now on the base compared to the bottom of the bong. Like I said, the color really begins to get muddled. The other flaw with this is that glass can break. For a portable bong, glass may have not been the best option (I actually prefer the glass, but we have to be unbiased here so it is a small flaw).PNWCR Approved

That’s the Strong Silicone Water Bong, thanks for joining us for another review PWN fans! This was another PNWCR Approved piece for sure! Grab one today if you’re looking for the ultimate festival bong or just a great travel piece that you don’t have to worry about getting broken!! Thanks to the team at Total Technique Tinctures for the heads up, we wouldn’t have even know about this bong without them!

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Ease of Cleaning



  • Nearly unbreakable
  • Completely portable
  • Ice catcher included
  • Suctions to table
  • Cost effective


  • Glass stem and bowl can break
  • Silicone color begins to mute with resin