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Strain Review: Green Dragon Distillate by Chilly’s Garden

Strain Review: Green Dragon by Chilly's Garden

Strain Review: Green Dragon Distillate by Chilly’s Garden

We have a new strain review for all our awesome PNW CannaReviews fans!

Today we have Green Dragon distillate from Chilly’s Garden, an Oregon farm that provides quality flower and extracts to the recreational market. They just pulled 2nd place at the Oregon Grower’s Cup so we were happy to try this out!

The extract comes in a glass syringe with a child proof screw top and luer lock needle tip to dab out of. You can get the cap off, it’s just a pain in the ass. This definitely meets the child proof requirements out of the state!

This is 91% THC distillate with the Green Dragon terpenes readded back in at the end. Having smoked a bit of the flower let me tell you, this tastes SO DAMN GOOD and very damn close to the aroma and flavor profile of the original flower. I know it’s readded terpenes, but that’s not a bad thing when its the terpenes from the plant just reintroduced at the end of the process. We’re not talking so-called “food grade” terpenes derived from other sources.

The flavor is like you bit into an unpeeled lemon with some pepper sprinkled in. This is my favorite terpene profile and it was STRONG. The dab itself takes your breath away, you really aren’t prepared for how hard those terps punch you in the face and lungs!

For 91% the dab was pretty smooth (well, distillate should be) and has an immediate sinus punch and head high. The remaining 9% must have some CBN content because this will make you a bit drowsy. Green Dragon is NOT for the newb dabber……you’ll just waste the dab and pass out too soon after taking the dab.

Chilly’s Garden knocked it out of the park with this extract and they’re going to take the Oregon market by storm! Pick up this extract if you see it in your local shop! Their Green Dragon distillate is DEFINITELY PNWCR Approved and we can’t wait to try out more of their flavors as they come out!













  • Massive lemon pepper flavor
  • Great sensory high
  • Smooth dab no matter how big of a dab you take
  • Glass syringe lets you dab straight from the tip


  • A bit expensive
  • Hard to find
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