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Strain Review: Da Kine Extracts Cloud 9 Pull & Snap

Strain Review: Da Kine Extracts Cloud 9 Pull & Snap
Strain Review: Da Kine Extracts Cloud 9 Pull & Snap

Thanks for joining us for another Da Kine Extracts strain review. As fans of theirs we like to try runs that occur more than once to see how consistent they are so we were excited to come across another run of their Cloud 9.

This is a pull & snap this time around, so it lost a bit of stability but that didn’t take away from this extract at all!

Here are the numbers: 68.3% THC, 1% CBD, 0.7% CBN, 0.6% CBC and 0.3% CBG for 70.9% total cannabinoids. Once again this is full spectrum and had quite a strong eye droop effect.

Strain Review: Da Kine Extracts Cloud 9 Pull & Snap


This floral dab tasted a little like roses, maybe magnolias? It was very floral but hard to pin point exactly. Then you get a small citrus shot on the exhale, so this was a full bodied, complex dab that is quite enjoyable.

Like I said above, it was a pull & snap but could still be handled long enough to load into a dab rig in the early 70 degrees. It’s not shatter, no, but it’s not sticky either.

The high is fantastic! Quick chest punch that lingers for a bit before settling into your body nicely. It does have a bit of eye droop to it, but mostly this is a body high.

In the end, the percentages weren’t as high as the first run, nor was the stability quite there, but this is another awesome extract from Da Kine Extracts. It was damn near their first run for sure! Find them in Oregon dispensaries and scoop some up now!! This passes the test for sure and receives the PNWCR Badge of Approval easily! Curl up with this strain and set in for a stoney night! Click here to see where to find this and other awesome strains today!

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  • Floral flavor quite pleasing
  • Strong body high
  • Just as good as their last run of this strain


  • Hard to find
  • A bit expensive
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