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Subscription Review: The Stashbox

Welcome back PNW fans. Thanks for joining us for the first of our follow-up reviews for our Dank Mail article. We were sent the Halloween themed Stashbox, the monthly box they sent out for October.

There are more and more of these subscriptions popping up which means more and more competition for the customers to subscribe to them. Some will fail for lack of quality, others will step it up and make sure that they provide quality products.

Let's see how the Stashbox held up shall we? Watch the unpack video above, and then read below for some thoughts on the individual items!

The Stashbox:

Like other subscriptions, this arrives in a very discreet packaging so the postman won't know what you're getting. Inside the box you'll find a card with the contents described in detail. You also get this cool Chameleon Glass sticker to add to your collection.


Oddly enough, they packed this at the very bottom of the box and we really didn't see it until we unpacked the box. A bit of a packaging flaw there, hopefully it was just a one time thing.

The Contents:

This is one of those boxes that believes in quality before quantity and you can tell. Even if I feel that some of the items are "stonerish" and "kiddy", they provide you with quality stuff. In the box we got:

  • White Monkey-O's Kit
    • Bubble wand and bubble juice
  • Doob Tube joint tube
  • Cotton Mouth Candy
  • Shine blunt wraps
  • Chameleon Glass "Jack-o-Lantern" spoon pipe
    • Including a Vatra pipe bag for padded storage

The only "small" as I like to call them was a Chameleon Glass sticker that I liked a lot and was a nice addition to my collection. I liked how they kept it nice and tight, and we got lots of use out of all of the items.

You see the pipe immediately but I'm saving that for the end of the review as it's the crowning item and should be saved! Plus, you'll read the whole review and not just jump to the end......right?!

We'll start with the second items you find in the box. These are the Monkey-O's bubble kit. You get a bubble wand that looks sort of like a monkey head with ears and a container of "monkey juice" to blow bubbles with.



I sort of think the "monkey" looks a bit phallic, but whatever..... So, the point here is to blow smoke rings or smoke-filled bubbles easily for hours of amusement. They even provide a card that shows just how to use it!


I'll admit it, we had a blast with the smoke bubbles when we were truly faded. A few dabs or ten and blowing smokey bubbles just passes the time away and causes TONS of laughs with friends.


Like almost every box you get something to roll a blunt with. This box has the Shine tattooed blunt wraps, "The Benjamins", which are designed to look like you're burning a jay in a $100 bill....


I really despise blunt wraps and I'm sick of these being included in these boxes. Cannabis heals so much and does so much for the body that I don't understand why you would add crappy tobacco to it. If you wanna smoke cigarettes fine, but keep it separate from your meds, yeah?!

Ok....I'll get off my soapbox now.....*ahem* Moving on!

Next we have an item I've never seen before, Cotton Mouth Candy. These are lozenges designed to fight dry mouth.


These aren't just for the dry mouth we get from consuming cannabis, but are actually used for all sorts of reasons. They work too, I've used them several times now and they not only clear up the cotton-mouth, they coat your mouth to prevent it from coming back for a bit.

Here is the final item, the awesome glass that is usually included as the "top shelf" item. In this case it really was and the Stashbox team did a great job here!


Check out that Jack-o-Lantern pipe from Chameleon Glass! This is a great piece and gorgeous! I said in the review that I would use it but it was a great travel piece this past weekend when we went to a local grower's cup. This was by far the best glass piece we've seen in these boxes!


Let's break down the cost of the items included in the box shall we?

  • White Monkey-O's Kit - $14.99
  • Doob Tube joint tube - $1.25
  • Cotton Mouth Candy  - $4.99
  • Shine blunt wraps - $7.00
  • Chameleon Glass "Jack-o-Lantern" spoon pipe - $50.59
  • Vatra pipe bag - $9.99

This makes the total value of the box about $90 with the subscription for this box only being $29.99 with free shipping. That means you're getting about $60 worth of free stuff. Getting a nice, high quality pipe that was from a known brand gives this a slight edge on the competition. It's also a really good deal with what you get for what you pay. There are some flaws to this, but these are personal preferences really.

First the content card being packed at the bottom. At first I thought it was missing, which would have been better to be honest. Having it at the very bottom after I've already seen all the items just seemed like a lack of attention to detail. Maybe I'm just picky....

The other thing is the distinct "kiddiness" to the box. I mean...bubbles? Really? It was fun to play with, I'll be honest here, but.......I'm all about NOT having stoner stereotypes perpetrated, but again maybe I'm just picky.......

That's the Stashbox PNW fans! Thanks for reading the first of our follow-ups to the "Dank Mail" article. Coming in at a 9.2 out of 10, this would have taken the #2 spot in the subscription comparison! Definitely give this one a try if you're looking for a quality monthly subscription!

Want to see how this compares to other monthly subscriptions?











  • Quality items
  • Chameleon Glass pipe!!


  • Slightly
  • Not thoughtfully packed
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