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Gadget Review: Space Case Grinders

I was the lucky winner of a 4 piece grinder from Space Case Grinders so I had the chance to test out this beautiful looking grinder. Now, some people will tell you that they prefer to break up their buds with their fingers, but I HATE sticky fingers. Hell, I even where gloves when I'm trimming so I always use a grinder. I was using this cheap knock-off no name brand when I got this one in the mail, so I was super stocked to try a new one out.

The Look:

When I saw this thing I thought of two things right away….first, wow this is clean!!!! Second, $90 is totally worth it! I had been thinking that it was a bit steep in cost, but my old aluminum grinder couldn’t even compete!! We received a very nice looking chrome unit, but you can get them in black anodized titanium as well.

Space Case 4 pc. Grinder w/Pollen Screen

We've been using the grinder even more lately (we're testing the new Tommy Chong Exclusive King Sized Cone Roller), and we STILL haven't had to use alcohol on the edge after over 6 months of solid use.The central magnets are strong, and the pivot around the center is very fluid.

Finally, the mesh screen is such a tiny micron that it quickly begins to form golden kief in the pollen collector but is strong enough that I wasn't able to punch a hole in it with a quick hard jab to test it's durability.spacecasekief

Using the grinder:

20150109_151114The grinder can grind roughly 2 grams in one shot if you wanted to push it to it's limits. Now, this is not the greatest idea as you get crumbs everywhere and have a much larger chance of binding up your central pivot or the edges of the lid. We typically grind 1 gram at a time, but pictured to the below is 1.5 grams of flower (the large bud was a gram alone).

The diamond shaped teeth just blast through the herb, and it doesn’t build up the stickiness around the edge of the cover like the old grinder did. We haven't come across a grinder yet in this price range that works better, or even as well really. I'm sure there are better ones out there, but after going through a few different grinders over the years this is the one I would recommend.


The only negative I’ve found so far is the included scooper. The triangle design seems to be an odd choice; the tips will allow it to get into every nook and cranny spacecasescoopof the pollen collection area but it doesn’t really allow for effective scooping of the kief into a joint or onto a bowl.

You have to kind of press a large pile to the edge and force it on top of the triangle surface, which can be difficult due to it’s thickness. I would have rated this slightly higher if the scooper was a bit more efficient.

There you have it, one of the best manual grinders we've been able to test. The 4 piece set is wonderfully crafted with a strong screen and pollen collector, and has a great aesthetic look to it. It doesn't bind up when you're using it and the build up on the rim that prevents movement is almost non-existent. It needs to have the scooper redesigned, but for the most part this passes all muster!

Great work Space Case!

Space Case Premium Herb Grinders




Ease of use







  • Pollen catcher
  • Strong design
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Doesn't bind easily


  • Poorly designed scooper