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Grower’s Cup Celebrates Southern Oregon Bounty

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The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful part of the US where we have some of the greatest luck in this reviewers humble opinion. The weather conditions from Spring to Fall provide us with the best possible conditions to grow some of the best sungrown cannabis in the entire world! It’s such a huge part of our area that we have the Sungrown Grower’s Guild, an advocacy group who’s mission is to advocate, promote and protect traditional sungrown medicinal cannabis.

To celebrate our wonderful bounty, the President of the Umpqua Cannabis Association, along with several sponsors, put on the 1st Annual Southern Oregon Grower’s Cup where local growers could submit flower or concentrate samples for judging and the public could see these amazing strains and listen to some talented speakers.

The Event:

The event was held at the Henry Estate Winery in Umpqua, Oregon. It was a small venue and I wasn’t sure just how many people were going to attend given the size of the event area.

oregon growers cup

One thing that I really liked about the place was that they have a mini golf course that is open daily from 11 am to 5 pm and it’s free to the public. We even managed to grab a shot of Sol Seed relaxing before they had to be on stage!

southern oregon growers cup

Below is a shot of the event during the first couple of hours. Doors opened at 4:20 (appropriate right?), and the event ran until about 8:30. There was a steady stream of people through the gates, but it just didn’t feel like there was a lot of people until closer to 6 pm.

southern oregon growers cup

However, once the speakers started talking the tables filled up and people definitely paid attention! I’ll get to that in a minute but I want to take a sec to talk about the pre-event activities. If you could pony up the $100 for a People’s Choice Judges pass, then you met up at 3 pm and were bussed to a private area where you got to sample and judge all of the strains that were entered into the cup. Sadly, we didn’t have the budget for it and weren’t able to join the other 35 or so who could, but we’ll be there next year!

southern oregon growers cup

The Speakers:

The MC for the evening was the founder of the event, Nathan Marsh (not pictured). He is the founder of the Umpqua Valley Hempfest and the President of the Umpqua Cannabis Association, or UCA. He talked a bit about the wonderful growers who participated, how there were over 100 strains submitted for the cup, and gave us some info on the UCA. He’s an awesome cat, but he wasn’t the highlight of the night.

oregon growers cup First up to talk to us was cannabis activist, John Sajo. This was the man who helped get medical cannabis on the ballot in 1982, even if that failed spectaulcarly. He helped pave the road for the benefits of this wonderful medicine we enjoy today!

He reminded us that even with passing 91 there is a long road ahead of us and that the fight is far from over. He also talked about how he and the UCA are going to partner with a different state each year until all 50 states have legalized cannabis. They’ve already parterned with Utah and sent the first campaign donation to their advocates. It was truly inspiring to listen to him talk and it was a complete honor to listen to him inspire an entire crowd!

oregon growers cupThe last speaker before the winners were announced was Matt Rowe, the current Mayor of Coquille, Oregon. I have to say, listening to him speak was an inspiration! Coquille is the only town in Oregon with ABSOLUTELY NO CANNABIS LIMITING REGULATIONS. They not only allow cultivation, manufacturing, and industry in their town but they actually WANT businesses to move in!

Matt tells us how he helps scout locations to make sure they are in compliance and how he works with his city council to help bring in the business, and the money that business will bring to their once failing town.

The talk ends with the announcement that he would like to run for the Oregon legislature but needs financial help to do so. I believe that we need a politician like Matt Rowe in the Oregon government to help bring balance and smart cannabis laws, it’s too bad he’s not in my district!

It was a pleasure to listen to these two men speak and that alone would have been worth the cost of the tickets.

Southern Oregon Grower’s Cup:

There wasn’t much in the way of seeing the Cannabis Cup in action at the event. Official judges and sponsors judged prior to the event day and the People’s Choice judging happened earlier that day. During the event there was bench with trophy platforms sitting on it.

southern oregon growers cup

After the speakers were done this table was filled with gifts and prizes that were given to the cup winners or raffled off. There were three categories, and they gave prizes for first, second, and third places.

The winners were:


1st. Jurassic Farms – Dino Cookies
2nd. PDX High standards – Obama Kush
3rd. Silent Farms – Double Barrell OG


1st. Green Goddess Farms – Purple Kem Dog
2nd. Wolford Farms – Purple Kush
3rd. American Bud Company – Steven Hawkins


1st. Diamond Canna – Gorilla Glue #5
2nd. Green Goddess Farms – Deathstar
3rd. Southern Oregon Water Culture – Chernobyl

We even got to test some of these wonderful strains. One of the event staff wandered around with a fish bowl filled with samples of the strains entered. Check them out in the gallery below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In all we received about a quarter ounce of cannabis flower to take home and try later on. You couldn’t consume on premises so we had to wait to enjoy it. This made the cost of the tickets seem much more in line with what was offered.


So, what did you get for the $40 you spent on tickets? The event consisted of two speakers, three if you count the MC annoucing the cup winners; you also got anywhere from 7 to 15 grams of top shelf cannabis and got to attend an awesome set by Sol Seed. This is one of my favorite local Eugene groups and they put on a rockin set! The event staff even tossed in dinner!

The Grillin Places food truck was on site with either a free hemp burger or a free hemp salad. I was skeptical at first with just a vegetarian burger or salad as the dinner they were offering, but hell beggers can’t be choosers right?


Just look at that burger though! It was fantastic, chewy, meaty (even if there was no meat) and the hemp had a unique flavor that I enjoyed a lot! The bun was fresh and tasty too. I wish we would have tried the salad to, but this was a great meal for the event.

Final Thoughts:

We weren’t sure how well the event would go and in the end we were pleasantly surprised and had a lot of fun. They pulled it off well for an inaugural event! To be honest, this seemed more like a grower’s party than a public event. It looked like most of the public had already left by the time Sol Seed played, so their set felt more like an after party than a public concert too!

However, this was a fledgling cannabis event that celebrated the bounty of the Southern Oregon cannabis harvest and the amazing growers who have perfected their craft and provided us with amazing strains to try. The ticket cost was well worth everything you received from the event and I can’t wait to see how they grow in year two! Thank you for letting the public attend and see these amazing strains!

Nathan and his wife were very kind and answered all of our questions. They told us how the event had its hiccups getting planned but in the end everything just fell together. We didn’t notice any hiccups, so they did very well in pulling off a mostly seamless event!

See everyone next year!

Family man and ganjapreneur, I am an Pacific NW resident who loves to test and review cannabis related products! I love to hike, swim, and explore Oregon and the Northwest. My family and I go on plenty of adventures!