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Product Review: Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter

How's it going PNW fans! Thanks for joining us again for another review, we love that you all support what we do! Today I have a review of the Smokebuddy personal air filters, and these are one of those products that we are super happy to support!

Give the video a watch and then read below for some additional thoughts.

The Smokebuddy:

The Smokebuddy is their flagship item and is the basic design. This this is pretty simple, it takes the concept of wrapping some dryer sheets over the end of a toilet paper roll and formalizes it into a solid plastic unit with a charcoal filter inside of it.

smokebuddyoriginal_camogreen_keychain_1                                                 Image courtesy of Smokebuddy

Each Smokebuddy comes with a little Smokebuddy keychain too so you can rep their company with a little swag.....

They also have the Smokebuddy Jr.:

smokebuddyjr        Image courtesy of

Finally, they offer a large version...the Mega Smokebuddy!

smokebuddymega-green2       Image courtesy of Smokebuddy

All work on the same concept and they all work absolutely wonderful! These are one of the best smoking accessories we've tested in terms of how they work and how WELL they work!

Using the Smokebuddy:

Using the Smokebuddy is easy! Just take your hit (or drag if you're smoking a cigarette) and then blow your smoke directly into the front side the Smokebuddy.

smoke-buddy@2x-620x400                   Back Side                                                  Front Side
                        Image courtesy of Cannabis Now magazine

Nothing comes out of the back side of the Smokebuddy but air. No smell, no smoke, nothing. These live up to all of the hype the company is generating for them, and we totally suggest getting one or two for yourself. They last a while as well, the basic Smokebuddy lasts up to 6 months or 300 uses according to their website and the Mega can last up to double that I'm assuming! We had 9 people using the Mega solidly for a week straight and it's still usable and filters the smoke like the day we unpacked it from the box.


While we enjoy this, there are two little flaws that we want to discuss. First, this is not made to be replaceable. When the filter is full and you can't blow through the unit anymore you can't just replace the filter. You throw it in the garbage. This brings me to the second's not recyclable. I'm HUGE into recycling and it bugs me that I can't send this to be recycled.

That's what we thought of the Smokebuddy personal air filters. These are great and we are very glad to support them and add them to the list of PNWCR Approved reviews. Grab a single one for $19.99 or a family pack with all three sizes for $59.95 today!











  • No smell
  • No smoke
  • Portable
  • Discreet


  • Can't replace or clean filters