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Product Review: Roll-Uh-Bowl

Hey there PNW readers! It's almost summer time here in the Pacific NW and if you're like us then you are getting geared up to hit the forests and beaches to enjoy the next three months before the crappy weather rolls back in. One thing we look for is a nice portable piece to smoke out of. We've broken glass on our adventures, and dry smoking is not our friend at all! So, we were very glad to find the Roll-uh-Bowl silicone water bong. Their tag line is “Smokey bubbles. Anywhere”, and they’re right. This thing is just the thing for a portable travel solution.


If you like to go out on adventures like me (I live in the Pacific NW and hiking is almost a prerequisite out here), and one of the things that bothers me is the fact that I have to deal with a dry hit. Either I bring my pipe (with no water option at all), or I invest in a vape pen with a water attachment like the White Rhino H2 Pen Adaptor. The vape pen can be costly, and the pipe is just not an option really anymore as I get older. I HATE dry smoke; unless its a fine joint I will typically pass on a pipe.

That’s why I LOVE this thing so much! And oh the places you can go! Whether its hiking up a mountain to a gorgeous waterfall, skiing down the slopes, or just a road trip, this lightweight and compact silicone water pipe lets you have a nice water-cooled hit without worrying about breaking your favorite glass you just spent an arm and a leg for!

This isn’t all that expensive either! For only $35, you get a travel piece that is unbreakable (you could hurt it but not break the damn thing, more later on that) and lets you smoke both flower and extracts on the go! How do you beat that?!

The Roll-Uh-Bowl:

So, lets start with how it arrived. As you see above, it comes neatly packaged in a small compact unit. This is made from 100% Healthcare Grade VI Silicone.The silicone form itself folds in half, with the down stem and bowl slid into the fold and a nice silicone bracelet wrapped around the whole thing to keep it together.


This fits nicely into a travel bag without taking up too much room or adding any appreciable weight. Take off the bracelet, unfold it and slide the stem and bowl out and it springs right into shape, ready to be used.

The down stem is pretty interesting. At first, the fact that it is made out of plastic was off putting. How you use plastic with something that is close to heat? The website say’s its a Graffix composite, but to me plastic is plastic. Whatever, we’ll see what happens right? Looking at the stem, there is this cool little plastic ball that sits in a pre-formed prong at the end. This added a lot of percolation, but it’s main purpose is to prevent water from back-flowing into the stem itself. Replacements can be purchased for $3.downstem

Looking at the bowl I was pretty impressed. It’s made from very lightweight anodized aerospace aluminum, and has a spring and grommet below the bowl. The grommet makes a nice seal when the bowl slides in, and the spring makes it so that the bowl is spring-loaded for an easy clear. No worrying about bringing your scrapping tool with you on the hike, or grabbing a twig and having it break over and over and leave little bits in your bowl. (I know, rookie move but we’ve all been there at least once!) Replacements can be purchased for $5.


The bowl has another unique feature that we haven’t seen yet in any portable smoking unit. Push the bowl, spring, and grommet down and keep pushing and it will slide right off of the stem. Flip the bowl over, feed the stem through the top of it and then feel the spring and grommet back on the back end until its snug and now you have a 14mm down stem for a domeless nail! Now you can have dabs on the go! The Roll-uh-Bowl doesn’t come with the domeless nail itself, that’s sold seperately, but this is really nice as you don’t have to have a second down stem just for dabbing your face off!dab

Once unpacked, you stand the form up and slide the down stem in. You’ll know it’s all the way in when it’s a tight fit, and looking at it the stem almost reaches the bottom of the main piece itself. Slide the bowl in, put some water in it and you’re good to go! Make sure you only put about an inch of water into the unit. There is a slight flaw in this unit, nothing major and I’ll cover it below. Just make sure the water is BELOW the first ‘lip’ in the silicone form. Load a bowl and you’re ready to go! Ok, let’s test this thing………

*smokey bubble sounds ensue*

Ok, the first thing I noticed was that the form sucks up as you’re hitting it. The flexibility it has is also one of its very slight flaws. If you put even a hair too much water, the compression that happens when you take the hit sucks the water right up to your mouth.

The thing hit like a champ other than the compression. I got a good sized cloud from a rather small personal hit. The percolation from the down stem was nice, and having a pull carb is great feature when you think about other travel units and the fact that they don’t provide carbs at all!


There were a couple of flaws to this thing, but only a couple. First off the silicone compresses very easily. That means that if you've over filled it with water, the compression is going to pull that water right into your mouth. We got a couple of watery hits while learning the best water level and how hard to draw your hit. The only other flaw is that the bowl is kinda hard to clean. You can clear it easily with the spring but actually cleaning this is a chore.

Note: Not really a flaw, just more of a be careful warning. The downstem's grommet seal is pretty strong, so before hitting you want to make sure it moves easily. If the grommet is sealed to the bowl too tightly then you pull the entire downstem out when you are trying to clear it. That means you get a mouthful of dry, unfiltered smoke. You've been warned.......

Want your own smokey bubbles?

Click here to get a Roll-Uh-Bowl of your very own!








Ease of Cleaning



  • Portable
  • Non-breakable
  • Converts to a dabbing nail
  • Easy to clear bowl


  • Easy to suck water into mouth
  • Hard to clean bowl itself