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Medibles Review: Ripped City Medicated Sodas


Remember going to the soda shoppe on the corner as a kid (maybe you don’t, maybe this reviewer just dated himself…….), and getting that amazing cola straight from the fountain? Maybe that orange float, tasting like an orange creamsicle………

Welcome back to those days……AND they’re medicated!11022827_10202943891878277_455621988_n (1)

The Flavors:

Ripped City Medicated Sodas are a favorite of mine when I’m ready to wind down the week, and here are my thoughts on their flavors:

Orange – By far one of their best flavors! This tastes EXACTLY like the orange soda from the soda shoppe! It isn't heavily carbonated, so the bubbles aren't too much on your tongue, and the flavor kills the cannabis taste completely!

Cola – This one was just like the orange, it took me back to my childhood. Another lightly carbonated drink, almost too little. It tasted a bit more like the cannabis, but oddly enough it worked very well. It was like extra seasoning to an already tasty cola drink! Made it faintly reminiscent of sarsaparilla……

Dr. Green – We had the good luck to be able to come across a bottle of old style Dr. Pepper with real sugar to compare this to. I have to admit they hit the flavor straight on, they just toned it down a bit so it wasn’t so over powering like Dr. Pepper can be. It covered the cannabis flavor completely, and had the best carbonation to syrup ratio of the four flavors tested.20150213_202416

Medie Mist – I can’t say much about this. This was not our favorite flavor by far. It was very sweet, almost as if they used more syrup than the others to make sure it covered up the cannabis flavor. It didn’t taste like cannabis, but I think it may have if the syrup to carbonated water was a better ratio.


I want to take a moment to talk about their labeling……they’re on point with it, that’s for sure! They have random facts along the borders, and if you look at the picture you can see that they make fun of the artisan waters and themselves a bit. Very refreshing from a company!

The Effects:

These sodas are great for what they’re intended for. We tested the Extra Strength versions, which contain 150 mg of THC (or 1.87%), where their normal version contains 75 mg of THC. For the regular patient, these won’t give too much of a head high. However, they were very relaxing and they were great for my lower back and nerve pain. I wouldn’t recommend driving after drinking one either!

PNWCR Badge of Approval

That's it, that's everything I can tell you about Ripped City Medicated Sodas! If you’re a patient who prefers to eat their medicine, or if you’re looking for a nice way to unwind for the evening, then we definitely recommend one of these! Combine these with a cannapizza, and you’ve got the perfect date night!

Ripped City Medicated Sodas













  • Great flavors
  • Fun facts on label
  • Readily available in Oregon
  • Mellow body high


  • Some flavors have high cannabis taste
  • Hard to reach company
  • Not readily available outside of Oregon