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That's me, hiking along a trail in the Pacific Northwest. Hi there, I'm Jon. I travel the NW hiking, backpacking, camping, and other outdoor activities with the family and I am a believer in the many benefits of cannabis and an entrepreneur who believes that all products should be the best quality they can be instead of the cheapest they can be made. To further this, I began providing in depth product testing and reviews.

If you're interested in having a product for review, you can send it in to us and we'll give it an unbiased and honest review. We realized that with the cannabis industry bubble, there are hundreds if not thousands of new items hitting the market, many of them by companies who are about profits instead of quality items. We want to show our followers both the good and the bad, and we want to highlight the good products.


See that badge? That's the PNW CannaReviews badge of approval. If an item hits a 8.0/10 or higher we add this to the bottom of the review to make it easier for you to see if it passes our testing and is considered a quality cannabis product or event. Companies who products make the mark are also allowed to post this badge on their web sites to show their followers that their items have been tested and pass the tests!

We also want to share the items that get an approval badge! If your review receives our badge and you include a second item, we will hold a giveaway on our social media pages to give the second item away to help increase attention for both companies.


We believe that a review can't be unbiased if there was any money exchanged, so we won't buy an item for review and we won't accept payment for a review. This allows us to provide the most honest and thorough reviews possible.

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To have an item reviewed, ship it to:

PNW CannaReviews

301 69th Place

Springfield, OR 97478