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Gadget Review: QuickDraw 300-DLX Vaporizer

Hello again PNW followers! Jon again, back to bring you one of my favorite reviews so far. Vape World was kind enough to send us the QuickDraw 300 portable vaporizer. This vaporizer retails on their website for $100.00 and is a dry flower vaporizer. We were sent the DLX model, which also has a wax/concentrates and a liquid cartridge, so with one pen you can consume your cannabis any way you want to!

Go watch the video, I know it's long and I'm sorry for the abrupt ending of it (I somehow cut out and fully deleted my ending) but we cover the entire thing in depth. Can't or don't want to watch the video, we get it. Let's talk about the pen instead!

In the box:

The vaporizer comes in a sturdy white box that gives some instruction on the types of cartridges that are included. It's very professional looking, and we liked the fact that it didn't have the normal "stoner culture" images and catch phrases on the box like we've seen on some. The inside cover had a skater with skateboard on it and we're not sure what that had to do with anything, but at least it wasn't plastered with red eyed stoners or pot leaves.


In the box you get the vaporizer and extra cartridges, a dab tool, a scooper/tamper for dry flower, a brush to clean out the flower cartridge, and USB/wall outlet plug-in. Finally, a detailed users guide is included. The very first thing we noticed when we opened the box (after the user guide, we loved how detailed that was and read it for a bit) was that the vaporizer is very discreet. Others won't be able to tell that you're vaping cannabis instead of nicotine unless you blow the terpene filled vapor at them. The system is a drop-in unit utilizing magnets to hold the cartridges in place, and the outer cover completely blocks the contents.

Like I said, it's all magnets with a couple of exceptions. The power cord even connects to the unit using magnets, so you literally can throw the charger at the vaporizer and as long as it got close enough it'll click into the right spot all on its own.


The Cartridges:

As mentioned, you get a dry flower, a wax/concentrates, and a liquid juice cartridge with the DLX model, just the dry flower with the standard model. Let's take a moment to talk about some features of each one:

The dry herb cartridge holds about a half a gram of loosely packed flower. If you pack it too much then it won't heat evenly or vaporize correctly, so a couple of pinches loosely tamped in is the best bet for this cartridge. dryherbqdGrind your flower well to release the trichomes, and once evenly tamped you just put the rubber mouthpiece back in the top of the cartridge and drop it into the unit with the round notches lined up. Magnets will do the rest. This cartridge is kind of small so emptying it out can be a pain, but the provided brush works well. Press and hold the button to turn on, it will cycle through red (first warming), yellow (mostly warm), then to green (ready to vape).

The wax/concentrates cartridge is a nice one. This is the only thing that uses any screwing, the cover to the cartridge unscrews and lifts off to reveal the coil. The design here is a nice one. The cup is metal lined with ceramic, extractqdand the whole to put your concentrates into is actually smaller than the coil so when you're vaporizing you don't get much in the way of build up along the metal rim. The coil is also a flat coil that sits on the bottom of the cup on the ceramic to prevent your concentrates from pooling under the coil and having some waste. Press and hold the button as you're hitting, with this cartridge in the unit will turn off when you let go of the button.

Like we said in the video, we didn't get a chance to test out the liquid cartomizer, but it looked like it was the same design as most you see in this style. liquidqdI quit smoking about 2 years ago using eCigs and I didn't want to just vape a zero nicotine glycerin. I'll post a follow up review when I find a THC or CBD liquid in my area to test it out with. Press and hold the button as you're hitting, with this cartridge in the unit will turn off when you let go of the button.

The magnet system allows for a quick change between the different cartridges, hence the name of the vaporizer. Load all three before heading out and you can just swap them out and not have to have a stash jar or another pen if you're switching to liquid from concentrates. This turned out to be one of the best features in this vaporizer, and I wish we had this option in others as well! The unit has a smart sensor that recognizes which cartridge you just dropped in and adjusts the temperatures automatically to what's needed for that type of material.

Using the vaporizer:

So let's talk about using the thing shall we? We first tested the dry flower vaporizer so let's start there!

Pile of vaporized cannabis, note that it's brown and not charred.

When you press and hold the button the light at the bottom will turn red to let you know it's heating. It will cycle through yellow to green to let you know it's ready. Once green, just start puffing on the end. We tested puff hitting and steady draws, and we noticed that puff hitting would best for larger clouds.This is no fan in this model, so the suction is how the vapor gets in your lungs. After one or two heatings, you'll notice a burnt popcorn flavor. This tells you it's done and time to scrape out the browned material. Your first few hits will be some of the purest cannabis flavor you can get. The herb itself isn't burned, the temp doesn't get high enough for that, so all you get is the flavor of the cannabis and a lung full of vapor.  Unfortunately, this unit can get very hot! Be very aware that the heating element is near the top, so the entire top third of the unit gets quite warm. Not paying attention I've put my mouth too far down on the mouthpiece and burned my lips.

The concentrates cartridges works the same as most vape pens out there. Press and hold the button while drawing through the pen, and inhale the vaporized concentrate vapor. Nothing to it and nothing special except for the coil. The coil was very efficient, read above for the explanation why, and there was very little cleaning needed in between loading like we had to with some other pens we've tested.

Unfortunately, this pen is much larger in diameter than most and there are no water attachments for it. We LOVE to add a water bubbler attachment to our portable vaporizers and it bummed us out that this didn't have the ability to add one.


There weren't too many flaws with this vaporizer, however they were fairly major.

  • The heat on the dry flower cartridges makes it VERY easy to burn yourself and prevents you from immediately emptying the used material and reloading because it's too hot to touch at that point.
  • The dry flower cartridge can be difficult to empty if you over fill it even slightly. Compressing the flower down prevents you from just being able to tap out the material, you have to use the scooper tool to scrape some out and break it up a bit.
  • No heat control at all. The unit automatically sets the heat to a specified setting based on the cartridge you put in and the dry flower temp especially is a little too high.
  • No water attachment

There you have it viewers, the QuickDraw 300 portable vaporizer with wax and liquid chambers. Even with the flaws that it has with heating, this is my go-to vaporizer. We've had a chance to test a few portable vaporizers, and I keep going back to this one over any others we've tested. It's discreet, professional looking, easy to use, and gives you better clouds of vapor than many others we've tested.


"Know What You Grow" t-shirt provided by Green Leaf Labs, Portland, Oregon.

Seen enough?!

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QuickDraw 300 Vaporizer




Ease of Use









  • Well made
  • Easy change out for different materials
  • Magnetics instead of threads
  • Sensor sets heat automatically
  • Discreet


  • Flower cartridge gets slightly too hot
  • Can burn lips
  • Harder to load flower vaporizer than other pens
  • No water attachment