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Concentrate Review: Purple Stem Shatter by Sirius Extracts

Hello there PNW followers. Thanks for joining us for another concentrate review! We're pretty excited to do this one! Sirius Extracts makes some of the cleanest extracts available for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program and this is the first time we've ever been able to test their product!

Sirius makes extremely stable cannabis shatter and packages most of their product in these long shards. I think it's a bit of a gimmick, but it does show the quality of the product they offer that's for sure!

purple stem

That image is from their Twitter feed, pretty neat looking stuff right!?

Sirius Extracts Purple Stem:

One of the reasons we were able to afford to pick up this strain to review is that it is their "B" grade that had also been broken up and not in their usual shard.

purple stem


Sure, it's a bit darker than some of the stuff we've reviewed in the past. BUT, cannabinol (CBN) is known as a sleep aid and anti-bacterial so this is NOT a bad thing! It does mean that the cannabis could have been a bit older before it was processed, but as a big believer in the entourage effect having the CBN in the extract was a huge benefit for me.....not to mention I slept like a baby!

Check out the other cannabinoids you find in this particular extract.....

purple stem

This had one of the highest total ratings of several strains we've reviewed and it definitely had the highest diversity of the cannabinoids available! The side effect of that high of a percentage of cannabinoids is that there aren't many terpenes left behind. There are a few, there is a faint but very tasty "earthy" flavor to the concentrate that was very enjoyable.

The high hits you right in the temples right away! For about 15 minutes you feel very stoned from only two dabs. After that it quickly mellows into an enjoyable high that relaxes your entire body. It doesn't do much for nerve pain relief, but it was definitely relaxing and helped me sleep.


Nothing is perfect and this has it's flaws. If you're looking for some golden shatter, this isn't for you. This isn't terpy at all either, no massive flavor blast on your tongue. Also, it's expensive. When I say this was their economical strain, I mean it was still $35 a gram and not the $20 a gram we all hope for.

Thanks for reading our review of the Purple Steam shatter by Sirius Extracts. For a Grade B shatte, this was absolutely NOTHING to turn your nose up at! This was a great extraction that did a bang up job helping us sleep! Sirius provides quality concentrates and if you can afford them I recommend trying any you are able to. This gets the PNWCR Badge of Approval!




Pain Relief









  • Very stable at room temp
  • Earthy flavor
  • Heady high that sets in quickly
  • Entourage effect very strong


  • Lacks terpenes
  • High cost
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