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Glass Review: PUK Pipe

Hey guys, glad to see everyone again! Above you'll find the video unpack and reveal of the PUK Pipe 2.0, billed as the "Most Sophisticated Smoking Pipe" on their website. Give it a watch, it's ok. I'll wait.........

Pretty cool piece of glass right?!

So, let's talk about it for a bit...

puk pipePackaging:

The PUK Pipe comes in a great little metal tin, you can see it in the thumbnail there if you didn't actually watch the video. Not only do you get a pipe with multiple bowls, you get a cool stash tin with it!

The pipe itself is sandwiched in between two pieces of grey styrofoam to keep it from knocking around inside. This is a good thing, we've received plenty of items without padding and they're broken when we get them. It's hard to test and review something when the item arrives broken. Also in the packaging are several replacement screens, and we'll talk about where those go in the next section.

The PUK:

Glass PUK 2.0

The PUK has 6 half gram sized bowls set up in a six-shooter style layout. It comes in two pieces, with the bottom half having the bowls themselves and the top half having the only opening. The two halves are held together by fairly strong magnets so you don't have to worry about them falling apart. Even dropping the thing didn't separate them. There is a 7th position that "closes" the bowl, which I demonstrate in the video to show that once you pre-load your PUK you can just head out and not need a stash jar or other herb (unless you're a power smoker or with friends, but then you're looking for another piece for that right?).

Each bowl has a channel drilled at an upward angle towards the center, and you place a screen in the center position between the two halves to prevent material from making it into your mouth.

Using the PUK:

As expected, the PUK can hit a bit harsh but this is due to the fact that it's a dry hit. When you look at it from the top, the channel you're hitting through is pretty small so if you don't watch out then you half cover the hole and it doesn't hit as well.

After you burn through a bowl, just turn to the next bowl to keep smoking. It's very convenient. If you don't finish the current bowl (not recommended btw, stale bowls suck and are a no-no), then twist the top to the "closed" position to prevent anything from falling out of the bowl into your pocket or bag.

A note on cleaning: Unfortunately, the holes drilled for the smoke to go through are fairly small so cleaning this is going to be a pain. A q-tip won't fit through, so you'll have to use a pipe cleaner with alcohol or just soak the entire unit to break up the resin.

There you have it, the PUK pipe in all it's glory. We really liked this as a to go piece, and although it doesn't hit quite like a full pipe would the fact that I didn't need a stash jar AND a pipe is nice. I hike in the PNW a lot; any extra weight that you can eliminate the better and this lets us do that a bit more. You can grab a wood one or a glass one, and for just a couple more dollars you can get your wood one etched with several cool designs. Pick your PUK up today using the links below!

PUK Pipe - Glass 2.0: $56.99, Wood 2.0: $45.99

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PUK Pipe 2.0













  • No stash container needed
  • Durable
  • Looks sharp


  • Not easy to clean
  • Slightly higher cost than other pipes