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Subscription Review: PufferBox

Well, hello there PNW readers! Thanks for joining us for the next subscription box review in our series! PufferBox sent us their July box, which according to their website “is a monthly subscription box jam-packed with the best smoking accessories delivered right to your door in a discreet package!”

Well, we had our own opinion this time, but why don’t you watch the unpack video above first, yeah?

The Pufferbox:

Like other subscriptions, this arrives in a very discreet plain box so the postman won’t know what you’re getting. Like the others we’ve shown you so far, you get a comment card inside that details everything that comes in the box. We didn’t bother taking a picture of that card this time, you can see it in the video.

Tightly packed in the box are the several items that were included in this months’ box, let’s break those down now!


The Contents:

This box didn’t come with the mass of smalls that the other boxes did. That could be either good or bad, and in this case it definitely took away from the box. This is a smaller box than the others and you just don’t get as much as you do in some of the others we’ve shown you.

The only real small we got was a “Mile 420” sticker and a small pack of Haribo gummi bears, shown in the photo above.

After the sticker, the first item we pulled out of the box was a Stink Sack. This is a clear, smell-proof bag that looks like it’s just a stronger baggie. Not my cup of tea, to be honest….


I prefer a curing jar or a smaller mason for my storage needs, and there are other smell-proof containers with a much better aesthetic look. This was a “meh” inclusion.

Next we pulled out what we feel is now a “standard item” for all of the monthly boxes. The Puffer team included a pack of Kingpin blunt wraps.


Neither of us here on the PNWCR team smoke tobacco, so we haven’t been able to test out any blunt wraps. Honestly, I wish these cannabis boxes would be a bit more health conscious and include something beside blunt wraps. Let’s not push this kiddy, stoner mentality any more….PLEASE!

Unlike other boxes, we didn’t get the flood of papers and hempwick, which was kind of nice. However, like I said before, this box seemed a bit light in the goods department.

Lets get down to the meat of the box now, the glass. The Pufferbox included two glass pieces for your enjoyment in July. First, they added a super tiny spoon that was nicely colored.


This tiny spoon had some delicate spirals down the barrel and it was tiny enough to easily palm. The problem with this piece is that the hole down the center gets VERY SMALL in the center which means you’re clogging after every bowl almost. Keep a poker on you if you’re gonna use it on the regular.

Lastly, we had a tiny micro water pipe to unwrap. I can’t really say much about this…..let’s leave it at I’ll never use it and don’t really like it too much….

Super thin and super tiny, this will break if a cat farts on it!

It’s made of very thin, super cheap glass that screams Chinese made to me and not locally sourced. There were also some flaws in the glass that I point out in the video. This made me sad, and I don’t recommend traveling with this piece unless it’s the throwaway piece that you don’t care if it breaks while at the river.


Let’s break down the cost of the items included in the box shall we?

  • Gummi Bears & Sticker $1-2
  • Blunt Wraps – $1, maybe $2
  • Stink Sack – $0.79
  • Tiny Spoon – $5 at a local head shop
  • Mini Bong – $10 at a local head shop

This makes the total value of the box about $20 with the subscription for this box $20 + $8 shipping for a total of $28. This is the least value of all of the boxes we’ve reviewed and it just doesn’t make the cut when they have to compete with 6 other subscriptions we’ve found.

That’s the July PufferBox PNW followers! Unfortunately, this box does not make the cut and seemed like they didn’t give enough thought about what went into the boxes. The only way this is effective is if you pre-pay for a year, which lowers the monthly cost to about the value of the individual box. These DO NOT meet and pass the PNW CannaReviews testing process.











  • Discreet
  • Lower cost compared to other subscriptions


  • Lower value compared to other subscriptions
  • Low quality glass
  • No smalls
  • Seems like very little thought went into boxes