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Product Review: Source Orb 4 Signature Kit

Product Review: Source Orb 4 Signature Kit

Thanks for joining here in the PNW CannaReviews HQ for another review! Today’s review showcases the Source 4 Orb Signature Kit. Its a bit long because the kit comes with several coils to insert in the atomizer so we covered them all!

While not the best overall pen we’ve ever reviewed, this is THE STRONGEST concentrate pen we’ve come across. It’s possibly the strongest on the market!  The Orb is a unique design that has several unique features that we’ll talk about below.

Product Review: Source Orb 4 Signature Kit

The Source Orb 4

The Source Orb is a unique concentrate vaporizer. They upgraded the design from the Orb 3 , changing the design from 3-pieces to a simple 2-piece design that ditched the threading and now uses powerful magnets to connect the top. This allows for very easy reloading of the orb.

The Orb has a variable airflow with 5 different settings. The lowest setting has strong resistance and gives a very strong carb cap like effect. Open all five air holes and it feels just like breathing. You can glob but you get way more oxygen in your hit.

This thing rips. Simple and clear, it rips. HARD. I’ve never seen a stronger concentrate pen. You can do fat globs with the higher temperature provided by the variable mod and the airflow system works like a carb cap for the strongest hits around. We instantly vaporized up to a half gram in one test, which laid me out for a few hours easily.

The Signature Kit

The Signature Kit includes:Product Review: Source Orb 4 Signature Kit

  • Source Orb 4
  • Source volt Max Temp Control battery
  • Sony VTC4 2100mah 18650 battery (internal to the mod)
  • 8x 4 Series Atomizers
  • Premium Dab Tool
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Silicone Container (food grade, not platinum cured. Only good for short term traveling storage.)
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Signature Metal Briefcase

Not too bad for $199.95, especially when you consider the strength of the hits you get.

Let’s talk about the atomizer you receive in the kit. If you go to the website now it says that 9 atomizers are included but ours only came with 8. They must have added a new one to the newer releases.  The coils we received:

  • 4 Series Quartz Single Coil – basic coil, single quartz rod wrapped in titanium. For some reason ours bugged out bad and the third use overloaded and the coil fried so hard that the entire thing popped out of the atomizer and it’s usable.
  • 4 Series Quartz Double Coil – your powerhouse coil, this is two quartz rods wrapped in titanium. Your standard coil, paired with the Orb atomizer and this is a beast! Very well made and lasted a long time.
  • 4 Series Black Ceramic Double Coil – our favorite coil by far! I’ve never experienced black ceramic before and this didn’t have the same odd flavor as regular ceramic coils (including all of the ones in this kit). It takes a bit more power to run so you’ll be charging your battery a lot more, but it is hyper efficient and terpy as shit! Look no further is you want to move to a better coil but want to stay away from normal ceramics.
  • 4 Series White Ceramic Double Coil – two ceramic rods wrapped in a titanium coil. This hit just as strong as the dual quartz coil, but the ceramic gave your dab an odd flavor that was very displeasing. You lost your terpene profile, instead tasting the odd ceramic flavor. No matter how much we cleaned or burned concentrate off of this coil the flavor never got any better.
  • 4 Series Terra 2 All-Ceramic Coil-less – this unique coil was a nice change from the normal buckets. No coils here, the entire bucket heated up to vaporize your reclaim. This hit just as strong as the dual quartz coil, but the ceramic gave your dab an odd flavor that was very displeasing. You lost your terpene profile, instead tasting the odd ceramic flavor. No matter how much we cleaned or burned concentrate off of this coil the flavor never got any better. This is designed for low temp dabbing but the flavor is off-putting.
  • 4 Series Quartz Plus Coil-less – another ceramic bucket but lined with quartz. The quartz lining helped load easier because the concentrate didn’t stick as much. It also prevented the odd flavor the rest of the ceramic coils gave your dabs. This is a great option for low temp dabbing.
  • 4 Series SOURCE nail Titanium atomizer (Removable Bucket) – This is a removable bucket atomizer with no coil. The removable bucket made it easy to clean and the bucket allowed for much larger dabs than the coils can handle. This is your option if you want to glob. It vaporizes completely in one hit, making this the option if you’re wanting to blow clouds. Not very efficient however, and if you like a few smaller dabs then stick with a coiled version.
  • 4 Series SOURCE nail Ceramic atomizer (Removable Bucket) – this is the same as the titanium bucket but made from ceramic. This hit exactly like the titanium coil-less, but the ceramic gave your dab an odd flavor that was very displeasing. You lost your terpene profile, instead tasting the odd ceramic flavor. No matter how much we cleaned or burned concentrate off of this coil the flavor never got any better.

The Battery

SOURCE provides a standard stick batter when you purchase the Orb 4 standard kit. It’s a decent one but we like our mods so we were happy to see one included in the Signature Kit. That is, until we saw it was only a 50w mod. However, it didn’t need to be any stronger so we couldn’t complain too much about that.

The battery is a variable control battery giving you plenty of options. You can use a volt/watt control or you can switch to a temperature control mode. You also get to set the strength of the battery itself (low, med, high) so when combined with setting your perfect temperature you can really dial in the strength and size of your dab. You also get to change internal settings like Celsius or Fahrenheit display.

Our perfect dab was at 395 degrees with the battery on mid-power using the black ceramic coil. This gave the terpiest dabs while still blowing HUGE clouds.

Cleaning the Orb

So, cleaning the orb itself is fairly easy. Take the coil out of the atomizer, and then you can soak the magnetic cover to break up the reclaim. **WARNING** Don’t be a damn fool like I was and drop the entire Orb in your cleaning solution. The atomizer WILL SHORT in liquid, even alcohol that evaporates off quickly. Don’t make this mistake, just soak the top part of your Orb and use a q-tip in alcohol to clean the bottom half of the atomizer.

Each coil has to be carefully cleaned with a q-tip and alcohol so you don’t fry the coil. An alcohol wipe on the outside will clean the reclaim from the top and the threading of the coil if you happen to make a mess.


There are a few flaws you have to worry about with the Orb 4 Signature Kit. The orb itself was great, but the coils and mod left some to be desired.

First, the variable temp control battery mod began to fail after the first 30 days. First it started taking more than 5 clicks to turn the unit on or off. Then that progressed to randomly not registering that the atomizer was attached, sometimes even in the middle of taking a hit. It would work fine, push the button and start dabbing and mid dab it would randomly say check atomizer. This eventually progressed to the point that trying to initialize a new coil would give the error “Low Voltage!” even on a fully charged unit. This mod was not well constructed and failed very quickly.

Second, the ceramic coil options. Whether with or without a coil, these all gave an odd flavor to your dabs. Nothing I did changed this. No amount of cleaning, burning off of concentrate (also known as priming the coil) or the size of the dab made any difference. So, for me, half of the coils included weren’t an option. This kit almost failed from that alone.

Next, the included silicone concentrate container is a food grade silicone, not platinum cured and safe for concentrate storage. Terpenes are very acidic (so is any solvent that may be left behind if not properly purged) and will break down normal, so-call “food grade” silicone containers. This causes a leaching off of gasses into your concentrate if stored long term, which has a major impact on the quality and flavor of your concentrate and may have a host of health issues. The included container will only work for short term storage while on the go, but even then I wouldn’t recommend it.

Last, cleaning the coils is hard and you have to be very careful to not break the wire wrap. It’s much easier to clean the cups.

Review Breakdown

Because we enjoyed the Orb so much but the battery so much we had to rate them individually here:

Orb 4 Score                                            SOURCE Battery Score

Quality – 9                                                    Durability – 5.5

Airflow – 10                                                  Quality – 6.5

Ease of Cleaning – 8                                   Customization – 9

Efficiency – 8                                               Ease of Use – 8

Durability – 8.5                                           Overall – 7.25

Overall – 8.75

Signature Kit Total Score – 8

This was a longer review but we learned a lot. The SOURCEVapes Orb 4 is a great portable concentrate option, possibly being the strongest vape pen I’ve ever reviewed. Honestly though, if you don’t need the mod then I suggest sticking with the basic kit, but if you really want the special coils the Signature Kit is the only way to go. This pen will receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval but it was a close one. The battery almost dropped that score too low. At $199.95 its a bit more expensive than many on the market, but the strength of the hit will make you a believer!








Ease of Cleaning





  • Massive hits
  • Lots of coil options
  • Feels just like dabbing on a rig


  • Battery isn't great quality
  • Ceramic coils leave odd flavor behind
  • Some coils fried very quickly
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