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Product Review: Cloud Phantom with Aqua Attachment

Hello PNW followers! Thanks for joining us for another review! Please forgive the slow start to the video review, it was an off day for sure!

Today we're talking about the Cloud Phantom Premium with the Phantom Aqua attachment! Here are the PNWCR HQ we are moving more and more away from smoking cannabis, preferring to either dab or vaporize our medicine. We have tested several dry flower vaporizers, and the Phantom holds it's own against other portable vaporizers. It's just not that discreet.....let's show you shall we?

The Phantom:

When you open your package you see a sleek looking, very sturdy box that holds the Phantom and it's tools. The Phantom is approximately 8 inches long, which is a bit larger than some of the portable vaporizers we've tested. It's still portable, you just can't hide it very well. Under the foam padding in the box is the charging cord and a carry bag with cleaning and loading tools.

Image courtesy:

As you can see in the image, the Phantom comes apart into four pieces. The mouthpiece, the central piece that contains the herb chamber and atomizer, a rechargeable battery, and an end cap. This is very easy to take apart and clean all of the pieces.

Using the Phantom:

As you see in the video above, there are 3 temperature settings. Green is 374, Blue is 410ish, and Red is around 450ish degrees. Green vapes most of the terpenes but leaves many of the other cannabinoids behind, we know people who love this step and vaporize using a combination of the green and blue settings for maximum cannabinoid consumption. Blue is the recommended setting, and our preferred setting, and gives you the best bang for your hit. Red is much too high in my opinion, it just leaves a popcorn flavor in your mouth and the high is not as enjoyable.

Power is at lowest settings as shown by green LED light.

Three clicks to the power button turns it on, and the light blinks while it's heating. Once it's solid on the unit is ready and you can draw your hit without having to hit any buttons to do so. The light stays on for a couple of minutes, allowing you to hit it several times. The size of the hit you get depends on how you draw on the unit. Drawing fast and hard will give you a smaller cloud where a slow, even draw will pull the heat through the entire chamber and give you a larger cloud. You just have to experiment with it to get the best hit with the best flavors.

When you've hit it a few times all you're left with is brown material that looks vaguely of dried tobacco. This is the vaporized flower that is left behind.

Vaporized cannabis left looking like dried tobacco


If you're looking for clouds of vapor this is NOT the unit for you. This gives a great vapor hit that you absorb almost ALL of when you inhale so there is very little vapor released on the exhale. The Aqua attachment gives a slightly larger cloud but still, you aren't fogging out the camera with the size of the cloud when you hit this.

The Aqua Attachment:

My testers and I prefer water pipes and bubblers to dry pipes, so having a water attachment for a dry flower vaporizer is a big deal for us. Even vaporizing can have a harsh effect on your throat, so we were VERY happy when Cloud released a version of the Aqua attachment for the Phantom. However, this thing is a beast!

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The bubble attachment is about 3 inches long, so when it's attached to the Phantom the entire unit is almost a foot long! Like I said before, it's still portable but with the addition of the water attachment there is NO WAY you are going to hide the fact that you're vaping. I don't care personally, but some will I'm sure.

The Phantom Aqua attachment is unique. We've seen a few of these and some pipes with the bubbler built in and they all have the same construction. Two sections of glass in the middle with a large gap between them to create the bubbler effect. This one is solid the entire way through the center, with a couple of holes in the dead center for air flow. Pour some water in it, draw through it to make sure you don't have too much, attach it to the Phantom and you're good to go!

Care and Maintenance:

Cleaning the unit is fairly simple. Constantly changing the water in the bubbler makes it simple to keep clean, and if you REALLY feel the need to give it a clean you can use your favorite glass cleaner (like Weed Wipes, our favorite!). The screen and mouthpiece are easy to replace, you can pick them up here. We haven't burned ours out yet, so I'm assuming that you get plenty of use out of these before a replacement is needed.

Cleaning the herb chamber is where it's a bit more difficult to clean. You can keep it mainly clean with the provided brush, however it will gum up eventually and you can't separate the chamber from the atomizer. That's why we didn't give it a 10/10 for cleaning.

There you have it! The Cloud Phantom Premium and the Aqua attachment are a great option for those who are looking for a dry flower vaporizer. The price is comparable at $129.99 for the Phantom and $79.99 for the Aqua attachment, several others are more expensive and we also found several others that were cheaper. 




Ease of Use









  • Smooth hits
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Great cost for type
  • Water attachment


  • Not discreet, large item