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Product Review: Cloud Nova

Hello again PNW fans! Today we're reviewing the Cloud Nova liquid vaporizer for vaporizing ecig juices and other juices infused with cannabinoids. There has been this huge trend moving away from tobacco products towards electronic vaporization devices, and there are a ton of them! We actually held off reviewing any ecig mods until now because I quit smoking over 2 years ago using the eGo vaporizer, which at that time was the only thing you could get. I don't really get the hype of "blowing clouds" or vaporizing fruity flavors to be honest. I think there may be complications from vaporizing and inhaling liquids in the next 20 years, but who knows?

So, why did we review an ecig then? It provides us with a new, discreet way to medicate using the ecigs. Intrepid cannabis extractors have developed glycerin based juices that are infused with THC or CBD. Now, we can walk around and vape with the best of em and stay medicated and well balanced without getting in trouble!

So, let's talk about the Nova shall we?

The Cloud Nova:

The Nova is a nice looking unit that has some weight to it. It comes in the same nice packaging we've come to expect from CloudV and in the box you get the unit, a drop-in battery, power cord, and liquid chamber.

cloud nova

As you can see above, they provide an entire line of juices for those who are looking for e-juice that can be infused with nicotine or not. They were VERY fruity though, and we didn't enjoy them all that well. The flavors had names like "Breeze", "Cloud", and others and all were super sugary. Take that for what you will......

Filling the unit is easy, the chamber unscrews from the mod and the bottom unscrews off. Take the dropper from the e-juice and fill the chamber up to your desired level.


The instructions tell you to make sure to let the juice "wick-up" to get to the atomizer and you want to follow them. We tried to use it immediately and we didn't get any vapor at first. Make sure to let it do it's thing at first.

Vaping with the Nova:

You can see the size of the clouds we were able to make in the video above. I'm not a vaper so I'm sure others could do better, but you get different amounts of vapor depending on your settings. The mod allows you to set the voltage anywhere between 7 and 50 ohms and you'll have to play with your favorite setting.

The bottom part of the chamber has a piece that rotates around the chamber. Each click reveals a different sized air hole, and that also plays a part in the amount of vapor you get per hit. The larger the hole the larger the cloud you're going to get.

Each pull fills your lungs, and you can see me cough like a newbie in the video as I got too much and didn't know what I was doing. After some better testing that didn't happen to me, but I found my perfect setting. Vaping at 27 ohms with the 3rd largest hole is the setting I found that was best for me.

Cleaning the Nova:

To clean the Nova for storage or changing flavors is really easy. When you take the bottom off of the liquid chamber to you are able to then pull off the mouthpiece and pull out the inner workings.

cloud nova

This was the easiest thing in the world to clean. Hot water rinses the juice out of the chamber easily, and if you need to then you can soak the mouthpiece in alcohol or something to sterilize it if you saw fit.


There are only a couple of flaws that we found with this. The main flaw is that the chamber will leak if you leave it sitting too long with juice in it. You can see that in the video review, I show you where it leaks. It's not a lot, but it left a puddle in the box after 10 days or so.

The other real flaw is with the instructions. I'm getting more and more used to using a vaporizer that doesn't require a button to be held down while you're vaping your herb. This worked more like a vape pen for waxes or oils, you have to hold down the button while you're hitting this. Not a big deal but the included instructions weren't clear on that and I thought I had a broken machine at first because the display was on but nothing was happening.

That's the Cloud Nova from Cloud Vapes, the first review of an ecig mod we've done. We'll do more of these because we truly believe that THC infused e-juices are the future of medicating discreetly. This definitely got the PNW Badge of Approval for it's quality of materials and it's cost compared to other competitors. Thanks for joining us!








Vapor Cloud


Ease of Cleaning



  • Large vapor clouds
  • Quality construction
  • Variety of juice flavors
  • Easy to clean


  • Liquid chamber can leak
  • Instructions not fully clear
Family man and ganjapreneur, I am an Pacific NW resident who loves to test and review cannabis related products! I love to hike, swim, and explore Oregon and the Northwest. My family and I go on plenty of adventures!