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Product Review: Cloud Classic Mini Vape Pen

How's it going PNW readers? We've shown you a number of products from Cloud Vapes, and we've huge fans of their products and recommend all of our readers to buy their products (yes, we're affiliates). Give this video a watch so we can shows you to another awesome product of theirs....

Ok, so you've watched the video right? Good. Let us introduce you to the Cloud Classic Mini vape pen; the palm sized wax/concentrate pen that is the perfect vape pen for on the go!Cloud Classic mini

The Vaporizer:

Tcloud classic minihe pen arrives in a white box with the Cloud Vapes logo on it. It comes in three parts, the battery, the atomizer attachment, and the cover with removable mouthpiece for easy cleaning. Unlike the Cloud Platinum, the cover doesn't have a clear window on one side that lets you see the action inside your cover to know if you're primed or if you need to reload your pen. I really liked the fact that there was no glass dome here to possibly drop and break while on the go, but we missed the window for sure.

The Tornado Cartridge coil is one of the best I've used. It's metal and ceramic, and the ceramic is easy to clean and there is little in the way of build up near the rim that needs to be pushed back down into the coil like some of the other coils I've tested.

cloud classic mini Cloud uses a cone shape that allows the melted concentrate to melt back down onto the coil easily and eliminates waste!


Inside the box is a nice cushioned leather carrying case and instructional booklet. The instructions are THE BEST I've seen in any pen sent to us so far. It was clear, concise, and hit all points that I am usually asking myself. On top of that, they had some care instructions for the coil to help it last longer and we caselearned something new on treatment of your coil! When you first unpack a new coil, prime it (turn it on and heat the element) with nothing in it for roughly 10 seconds. This helps increase the life of the coil, and so far the one it came with has lasted longer than any coil we've used previously.

The case is too small for the charging cord and the pen both, but for on the go this is a nice case as long as you plan ahead and charge before you go.

Using the vaporizer:

Hitting this thing is just as nice as the Cloud Platinum! I got a large cloud that was super smooth and clean. The coil doesn't get too hot, so the flavor profiles of all of the concentrates we tested in the pen kept all their flavors. It was super easy to hit everything in one hit if you weren't careful and wanted to share, the coil is very efficient and the hit is smooth enough that your lungs are able to take in a much larger hit than some of the pens we've tested. Just make sure to prime a new coil as we noted above for a full hit that is packed with flavor.


One flaw is that this package doesn't have a wall charger. It's small and discreet so that's kind of secondary, but it would have been nice. You can plug into any wall charger that takes a USB plug though so it doesn't really matter.

There's no window in the top cover like the Platinum has, and not having a dome or window means you pull your cover off more than you should to see how much you have. This weakens the seal a bit and makes the top fit a little looser.

Thanks for joining us for another review here at PNW CannaReviews! We're big fans and huge supporters of Cloud Vapes and we're glad to see another fantastic product come from their labs. The Classic Mini is THE PERFECT way to have discreet dabs on the go, and for only $54.99 it has a comparable cost to most concentrate pens of this class but with higher quality than many! Head to their shop and get one today! Like every Cloud product we've tested to date, this one is definitely PNWCR Approved!




Ease of Use







  • Easy to use
  • Discreet
  • Quality construction
  • Decent cost


  • No wall charger
  • No way to visibly see how much of the concentrate is loaded
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