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Product Review: Accuvape C-Stick Concentrate Pen

Product Review: Accuvape C-Stick Concentrate Pen
Product Review: Accuvape C-Stick Concentrate Pen

Today we review the Accuvape C-Stick, a concentrate pen on the cannabis markets. Accuvape provides mid-tier pens, with this pen coming in at $49.95.¬†Ok, so you’ve watched the video right? Good. Let us introduce you to the Accuvape C-stick.

The Vaporizer:

14963424_10206214371918234_2105614767_o-1The pen arrives in a black box with all of their branding and with some info on what the pen is made out of on the back. The pen itself comes with a battery, wick coil, plastic poly-carbonate dome, and discreet cap. The coil is an odd option. It is an element wrapped around a cotton wick, and the wick helps pulls the concentrate up to the element. It makes for a more efficient consumption of your concentrate. We really appreciated that a lot, there was less waste here.

The piece is fairly easy to clean, just use some alcohol on the dome and mouthpiece. The coil has to be burned off and if you’re careful you can use a Q-tip to clean out the ceramic cup. Battery life is nice too, we were able to use it for 9-10 uses (5-6 puffs each use) before we had to recharge. You knew it was time because a new load barely had any vapor because the element wasn’t heating very efficiently any more.


There are a couple of flaws with this. First off, the poly-carbonate dome is not the best material to use for a pen. Use glass and increase the cost by $5. I’m worried that the heat will eventually cause it to off gas, which is bad for your health!

Next flaw is the coil. The wick is weird and when you’re running low in the cup you taste a strong plastic flavor. Its off-putting at best and at worst the flavor is due to the coil vaporizing it and again, bad for your health!

Lastly, you don’t get any real flavor from this. The element heats super hot and between the terpenes vaporizing off and the plastic flavor of the wick and you don’t really taste anything other than the wick. Big fail here!

We’ve definitely tested worse pens out there, but this DOES NOT receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval. The Accuvape C-Stick hits nice and strong, but it’s plastic materials and the wick based coil leave it just missing the mark for quality. Add to that the loss of flavor from the terpenes and this doesn’t make the grade!




Ease of Use









  • Strong hits
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong battery that holds charge well


  • Plastic, low grade materials
  • Wick leaves plastic flavor in mouth
  • No flavor from the concentrate
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