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Product Review: Potion Erotica Rx

potion erotica rx

Hey there PNW followers! We’ve discussed lubricants before, and today we’re talking about sex and aphrodisiacs. If that offends you, click back and find a different review to read please. Don’t leave though, there are plenty of great reviews to read! We’re just going to be blunt here and probably have cuss words in this review, so please move on if that is gonna be a problem for you.

That being said, we all like sex right? Sadly, it’s not always the easiest thing in the world to make sure that both participants are “ready” so to speak. There are many factors that cause this that we won’t go into and there is an entire industry devoted to making sure that sex is fun and well lubed up.

There are many aphrodisiacs out there that claim to increase your libido, hell even the pharmaceutical industry makes millions helping people get their wild oats on! Not all of them live up to their hype, and I am VERY excited to introduce you to Potion Erotica Rx by Black Dove Botanicals.

potion erotica rx

 Image Credit: Black Dove Botanicals


This product is a potion created by a true apothecary who uses herbs, gems, and cannabis to create a powerful aphrodisiac that surprisingly effective.

Using Potion Erotica Rx:

Potion Erotica is not a lubrication in the traditional sense of the word. It isn’t designed to make sex easier and lower friction. If you’re looking for something like that, check out our review of Uphoria by Sativa Valley.

potion erotica rx
Image Credit: Black Dove Botanicals

According to their website Potion Erotica is fortified with skin-nourishing organics and powerful aphrodisiacs to invoke healthy sexy intimate contact. It’s a holistic nourishing blend purposed to invoke you and your partners libido and sexual appetite! You can read a detailed ingredient list with expected effects here. This link doesn’t list cannabis because you can’t sell THC infused items like that across state lines, but add a Sativa strain to that list and viola, you get Potion Erotica!

Blunt part here: To apply Potion Erotica, you apply 5-7 drops to the clitoris, penis, or anus. Your body will absorb the oils and you will very quickly begin to feel the effects.

Potion Erotica’s Effect:

Invoking the beauty and wildness wildness of nature, Potion Erotica immediately transformed my lover and I into passionate beings completely in tune with each other. I’ve never been so completely enraptured by an aphrodisiac!

The CO2 cannabis infusion helped boost our endocannabinoid systems quite nicely, and the magikal energy the amazing and wonderful apothecary imbues the potion with combine to create a powerful experience and a highly erotic and sensual encounter.

I am very glad to be able to introduce you to Potion Erotica Rx by Black Dove Botanicals! They claim to have meticulously blended Potion Erotica with an array of organic plant allies with potent aphrodisiacs with a historical background of efficiency and we are complete believers! This has greatly enhanced our sex lives and has definitely received the PNWCR Badge of Approval!








  • High sexual increase
  • Hand mixed by a real apothecary
  • Natural herb and cannabis infusion


  • Only available in Oregon
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