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PNW Introduction: THC Pollen-Kief Capsules by Pollen Nation

pollen kief capsules

Hello there PNW fans! Here at the PNWCR headquarters we believe that cannabis helps us live healthier lives. Because of that, we’re always looking for new cannabis products and supplements that help us have a bit more life to our lives……

I’m happy to say we’ve found a product out of California that is doing just that! Pollen Nation has a great little capsule that we’d like to introduce you to…….say hello to the THC pollen-keif capsule!

pollen-keif capsule

That photo is from their website, and it’s a beauty! They look just like that, a little pill that all golden with just a little powder inside. These are bee pollen and a THC kief combined for one of the best supplements you could take!

Pollen-Kief Capsule

We all know that bees are beneficial for crops and the world, but their pollen and honey are filled with tons of health benefits as well! You can read this article here that discusses the nutritional benefits of bee pollen, but trust me when I say it’s full of the good shit that keeps you going.

THC has it’s own list of health benefits and is part of the entourage effect, and is a large part of the health benefits of these capsules.

pollen-kief capsules

We had 10 mg samples and you won’t get high off of these. The THC might be psychoactive, but there isn’t enough to get you high if you’re a regular smoker or someone who uses it for medicine. However, it you’re new to medicating it’s always best to be careful and watch your dosing.

But…….just one increased my energy and made me feel like I was ready to take on the day all over again.

It’s a slow onset that you don’t notice if you’re paying attention to your body, but all of a sudden you get this little energy and creativity rush.

These are a great supplement that are available in 10 and 25 mg capsules, and I believe would definitely improve your life. We don’t have enough samples to test these out fully, we’d love to take one a day for 30 days to do a full review.

Someday they’ll sponsor us and we’ll be able to get you a full review, but until legalization happens these are only available to California residents.

Family man and ganjapreneur, I am an Pacific NW resident who loves to test and review cannabis related products! I love to hike, swim, and explore Oregon and the Northwest. My family and I go on plenty of adventures!