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Glass Review: Pocketbub Blunt Bubbler & Dabstraw Review

Pocketbub Blunt Bubbler & Dabstraw Review

Thanks for joining us for another glass review PNW CannaReviews fans! Today we are showing off a whole line of glass from! We have found two of our newest favorites from this team and we’re excited to show it off!

Blunt Bubbler

If you have Facebook and follow Now This Weed then you’ve seen the martian egg style of blunt bubbler that is all the rage at the moment. We searched and found this one and we have enjoyed it much more than we expected.

The barrel shape fits in your hands well and it is made of durable glass. There is a carb on the outside and a unique carb style hole on the interior that aids in the filtration and bubbler effect. It’s easy to clean as long as you swap your water after each sesh and use just a drop Weed Wipes.

There are a couple of negatives:

  1. If you’re not careful you’ll get water in your mouth or cause the pressure to change and the water will drain out the tip. You just have to play with it to learn how to use it fully.
  2. Filter tips get a bit crushed when you shove them inside the joint hole. Its slightly too big for no filter tip and slightly too small for a good filter tip.

Other than that this piece rates a 9.5/10 and definitely earns the PNWCR Badge of Approval!

Twisted Doughnut Dabstraw

This straw has easily become our favorite way to dab! Its 5″ long and has a twisted doughnut design that prevents any reclaim from hitting your lips and cools the smoke as you use it. The titanium tip is removable for easily cleaning, you can use heat to melt the reclaim out or get a tool/pipe cleaner inside to easily clean it up.

The tip heats very quickly and only needs a small torch or windproof lighter to heat it up, no giant torch needed for this one. The metal clip that holds the straw on also doubles as a stand of sorts, keeping the hot tip off of any surface you set it on.

Nothing is perfect and this has some negatives as well:

  1. The tip sheds heat at a rapid rate. You have to heat it up a bit hotter than you would normally want to and have the potential of destroying some terpenes in your dab. Not awesome of terp sluts like me!
  2. For a company called “Pocketbub” it seems odd that there isn’t any water filtration on this unit.

Other than that, this dabstraw has easily become our top dab tool! It rates a 9.8/10 and joins the ranks of PNWCR Approved items!


Pocketbub also has a couple of other items that are a bit unique. They have a spubbler spoon pipe that is cooler than a normal spoon but, eh it’s a spoon. They also have a sherbler, a combination bubbler and sherlock! Now this is a cool unit, both in look and functionality. If you like sherlock pipes then this is perfect for you!

Thanks for joining us for our Pocketbub highlight and review! The team knocked it out of the park with their joint bubbler and dabstraw and have a host of other great items! The joint bubbler and dabstraw definitely earn the PNWCR Badge of Approval!

Pocketbub Blunt Bubbler & Dabstraw Review

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