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PNWCR Sponsors & Supporters

PNW CannaReviews wouldn’t be able to provide the grow journals, strain reviews, and other articles we write without our awesome sponsors and supporters!
Click the logos below to visit their websites!


UR Grafix - PNWCR Sponsors


The team at UR Grafix provides all of our hosting and graphic design needs. Jessica and joe have a well established spot in the cannabis community and have worked with some of the top names in the industry and we feel very lucky to have their sponsorship!




Bushido Boro - PNWCR Sponsors

David at Bushido Boro Glass is our newest sponsor! He gifted us with one of his Diesel Chopper dab rigs for us to review and it quickly became on of our favorite pieces! Hit him up for some awesome and unique dab rigs! Tell him Jon at PNWCR sent you!




Microbelife Hydroponics - PNWCR Sponsors 

Microbelife Hydroponics provides some of the best hydroponics products on the market. The microbials in Photosythesis+, Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer, Nourish-C and Root Dip combine to help your plants get the most out of your nutrients and lighting



remo - PNWCR Sponsors


As the Urban Grower, Remo Nutrients has helped thousands of people to learn the skills necessary to produce a world class product. His expertise covers all levels of growing and has landed him 14 awards, worldwide. Remo’s Main Line of nutrients are a great foundation for any grow!




myTHCbox - PNWCR SponsorsThe myTHCbox crew are a wonderful group of people and supported PNWCR with several subscription boxes as we were developing our Dank Mail articles. With their cannabis activism and awesome boxes, it was easy to rank myTHCbox as the #1 subscription box we found! Even though they’re not an official sponsor, we LOVE myTHCbox and just HAD to include them here!



Da Kine Extracts - PNWCR Sponsors


While not an official sponsor, Da Kine Extracts’ support has allowed us to bring you several strain reviews for shatters and waxes. The team over at Da Kine are a fantastic group of guys who never disappoint for a good laugh! Visit their store locator for a list of where to find their premium extracts in Oregon!


Are you interested in sponsoring our reviews or our wanderings as #AStonerinPNWonderland? Looking for advertising opportunities? Email our Sponsor Director Jon today @!