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PNW CannaReviews Supports Ronald McDonald Charities

PNW CannaReviews Supports Ronald McDonald Charities

Image Courtesy: Ronald McDonald House Charities Oregon – Portland East House

Having a child who needs medical attention is one of the most stressful and fearful times in a parents life. I know this from experience and I thank you for taking a moment to read our tale.

My step-son was diagnosed with a tumor behind his jaw that required surgery. His mother and I had to somehow afford to stay in one of the most expensive cities in the state on a shoe string budget. Not knowing where to turn, she frantically did some research and found the Portland East House of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This wonderful home is on the same campus as the Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel Hospital making it an easy trip between a resting area and where your child is staying.

The entire experience was life changing. During our most stressful times they let us stay there for free¬†(a local transportation company subsidizes the cost of this).¬†One parent was required to stay there overnight, that was the only requirement. Then we were even more shocked when we had the tour. They have everything: a full kitchen with two of every appliance attached a large dining hall. There are 25 rooms, a game room, several TV rooms and a children’s garden. There are even video games to check out for those stuck in their rooms and so much more!

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Along the way we met people even more in need of this place than we were. We even met a father from overseas who was here with his son for months! Facing weeks to months more, this home was one of the only ways its been possible.

This experience inspired us to give back in a big way. For as long as the PNW CannaReviews and #AStonerinPNWonderland sites are live we will support them in several ways. From food drives to fundraisers, we will have quarterly drives that we donate to this house. Thank you for taking the time to read our tale. If you’re interested in donating to the food drives in Oregon, please contact us through our message form!

Interested in supporting our cause but not local? We have a PayPal account that we will donate to the house every time the balance reaches $250 or the entire balance when we are hosting specific fundraisers*. Click the image below to go to the donation page.

PNW CannaReviews Supports Ronald McDonald Charities

Every donation we’ll go live to show where the money goes from that account.