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Concentrate Review: Blue Dream Wax by Om Extracts

Hello there PNW followers. I'm back with another concentrate review for our wonderful fans! We visited a new shop in our hometown of Eugene, Oregon and came across a concentrate company we hadn't heard of before, Om Extracts. Today we're reviewing the Om Extracts Blue Dream wax!

As you probably know by now with all of the concentrate reviews we've done, we LOVE our dabs! Blue Dream is also my favorite strain for back pain relief so I was super happy to come across this wonderful wax. Let's show it to you, yeah?!

The Look:

Om Extracts spends a bit on their packaging and gives you a glass container when you purchase their wax. This is pretty nice if you're one of those who likes to use a Dabstraw or other nectar collector type device and wants a small jar to dab out of.

om extracts blue dream jar

As you see, they have all of the required labeling and go so far as to let their customers know that it's a trim run vs. a nug run. We like that they give so much info on their jars. Moving on, they also have a great logo that is etched into the lids of the jars.

om extracts blue dream lid

Looks great right! BUT.....packaging isn't everything so lets move on to the experience of dabbing this wax, shall we?

The Experience:

Blue Dream is an AWESOME sativa-dominant hybrid that is great for pain relief as well as stress and insomnia treatments. We used our Dabstraw for this and we were rewarded with all of the flavor of the wax. This particular wax had less of a berry flavor and more of a spicy, earthly flavor.

om extracts blue dream wax

As you can see, this was a bit darker than some of the extractions we've reviewed before but that was because it was a trim run and not a nug run. That didn't diminish from the high AT ALL. It hits your head right away and mellows into a fantastic body high, exactly what you expect from smoking Blue Dream. 

The nerve spasms in my leg died down after dabbing this. I had tried a different strain at first and it didn't do anything for my leg at all but one dab of this and the nerves started to calm down right away. This is GREAT pain medicine, and I have to say I slept like a baby!


The main flaw is the packaging. Well, not the packaging itself because that was pretty elegant. However, they didn't put any parchment paper in there at all and the wax stuck to the glass badly. We had to spend quite a bit of time scraping this out and into our Oil Slick containers.

That said, I wish more companies would use silicone containers or the Oil Slick silicone parchment paper instead of glass or regular parchment. I'm tired of having some loss of every gram I buy because the shit sticks!

Like almost all of my other concentrate reviews, this just doesn't have the availability that we prefer. I had never heard of Om Extracts until I came across this and I wish that OMMP extraction companies worked harder to get their stuff into more shops. 

That's what we though of the Blue Dream was from Om Extracts. This was a great extraction that did very well in killing the nerve pains and spasms I was having just last night. I recommend this strain all the time and Om Extracts did well with this particular extraction! This gets the PNWCR Badge of Approval!




Pain Relief







  • Great pain relief
  • Good taste
  • Elegant packaging


  • Hard to find
  • Sticks to packaging