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Product Review: Oil Slick Silicone Products

Product Review: Oil Slick Silicone Products

Hello again PNW fans! I'm happy to say we've come across our first 10/10 product line! We've only had one other item rate higher than a 9.8/10 (you can see that review here) and so we're excited to tell you about the silicone products from Oil Slick!

The Care Package:

OilSlickCollageOil Slick sent us an awesome care package that we've tested extensively! We received a large dab mat, 2 smaller mats, a roll of silicone parchment paper, a box of three concentrate containers, and an entire pack Oil Slick stickers to entertain us for days!

These items are all made from what they call "Platinum Cured Silicone". Taken from their website:

"Platinum silicone is a type of silicone that uses only platinum (precious metal) as a catalyzer, which increases its quality, apart from silicone’s other properties. Because Platinum Curing is almost instantaneous, the resulting material is exceptionally pure; the ideal material for tools that will come in contact with concentrates."

I'm not a scientist, but even I can tell these are different than many of the silicone containers I've come across. For one thing, the silicone has a slightly different feel than many others we've had and the dabs seem to stick even less to it than to other silicone items.

So, let's talk about the individual items shall we?

Slick Stack:

The Slick Stack is a set of three concentrate containers that comes in a nice flip top box that uses a small magnet to latch. It's study, so much so that we've converted it to a carrying case for our Dabstraw and the dabs we're taking with us on the go.

Slick Stack in a sturdy case.

Like I said above, the look and feel of these are different than the typical silicone container. The curing they receive also made us feel MUCH better about the rumors of off-gassing that some "food-grade" silicone containers were reported to have. These are our go to for sure!! I just wish I had some more and some of their Slick Balls too!! (Ok, that reads SOOOO wrong but I'm gonna leave it anyway!)

Slick Pad & Slick Duo

Part of the package we received from OS included the Slick Pad and the Slick Duo. These are silicone mats that are used for several things! The Pad is a medium sized mat, perfect for laying out your slabs or using as a hot pad on a counter.

Slick Pad

We didn't use the Pad too much, but it was a very nice silicone mat that I can see us using in the future! However, we LOVE the Duo mats! Each Duo pack comes with two silicone mats, just perfect for laying out a few dabs on when you're seshin with some friends!

20150710_192445 (1)
Oil Slick Duo with Oil Slick Stack container and the "Hoody" carp cap from Trilltech.

We use this mat ALL THE TIME! We use our Dabstraw a lot, and having a silicone mat has been very nice! It's durable too, I tried to stretch it to the breaking point but I can't pull with that kind of force. No worries about this tearing accidentally.

Slick Sheet

The last item in our package was the Slick Sheet, a parchment paper of sorts that is made from the same silicone as all of their other products. I immediately saw several uses for this item, including as reusable parchment paper for baking. The main use we saw was for concentrate making though! You can pour out your waxes or shatters onto this before putting into the vac oven, and not worry about parchment paper or wax paper.

Slick Sheet with slab. Unknown image credit.

We didn't test it for concentrates, however my fiance is an avid baker and made us some dank macaroons using this as parchment paper. The cost savings alone were enough to recommend this, she was able to reuse the same piece the entire time. One square was used for five or six different bakings with no browning or curling of the silicone sheet.

You've seen the items they sent us, and I hope you agree with us that these are some of the best silicone products on the market. We enjoyed testing these a lot, and the Stacks and the Duo have replaced our old items completely at this point! For it's class, there isn't a single thing we could suggest as an improvement! Grab some today!


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  • Resuable
  • Non-stick
  • Not just for cannabis use