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Glass Review: OG Tips Glass Tips

Hey there PNW readers! I wanted to take the time to introduce you to these awesome new joint tips. OG Tips sent me some tips to test along with one of their rolling machines and rolling trays, and we have to say that we just love these things!ogtips-bundle

The Tray:

The tray wasn't anything special. It looked like one of those fabric frisbees with bendable edges, branded with the OG Tips logo. You twist and fold it in half to fit in the pouch that it comes in. Nice to have but nothing special and I'm just gonna move on to the tips.

The Tips:

First off, the tips are glass that is fairly strong. I dropped one on concrete and because they’re small it just bounced. The internal integrity seems to be pretty good on these things.

og-tips-singleInside of the tips are two small notches that block off portions of the tip so your herb doesn’t fly through the tip and into your lungs. Anyone who has used an open crutch or no crutch at all knows the pain of inhaling unburnt or charred flower into their lungs at some point. These stop that. The notches are closer to one end than the other, so we make sure to put those closer to the flower inside of the paper.

For feel, any smoker is going to immediately feel more comfortable. I quit smoking cigarette two years ago, but I remember what they felt like in my fingers and these tips feel the same. This is NOT a bad thing, they made our joint feel much more comfortable and removed the need for the pinch grip.

My Top roller (hold over from old habits) rolls joints too tightly, no matter how little flower we actually put in or how fine we grind it. There is nothing we can do about that, but these awesome tips allowed enough airflow that it didn’t matter!

Finally, these are a type of crutch so no joint clip was necessary. These are about as long as a cigarette butt, so there was no burning of the fingers.

The Roller:

Moving on to the roller, when we first got it we thought to ourselves, “This is nothing more than a Top roller rebranded with the OG Tips logo.” We Joint-Roller-cigarette-roller-Og-Tipscouldn’t have been more wrong.

Like I said before, the Top roller I have sucks and rolls joints too tightly and they just can’t be smoked! This did NOT do the same. The OG Tip roller is a bit wider than the Top roller, allowing for more flower to be put in so it’s more of an even roll. It’s also just slightly longer than the Top roller, allowing for the tip to stick out of the end a bit and let more flower be actually rolled into the joint.

Image Credit: OG Tips,

This thing rolled the PERFECT joint. It was the same uniform size (I know some like cones, but there is something about straight uniform lines that makes my OCD happy) and it burned perfectly with no runs. The only time it does run is if I decide I want to roll up some kief inside of the joint, the kief can dampen the cherry and it can run a bit on that side. Just make sure the kief is fully mixed in with the flower and this isn’t a problem.

There was only one flaw, and that was minor to say the least. If you are close to the end and you take a phatty rip on your joint the tip can heat up and burn your lips or fingertips. We were only able to recreate that a couple of times, but it does happen so take that for what you will.

There you have it! We bring you OG Tips, and we LOVE them! Our joints will never again be rolled without this awesome tip.....Definitely a 10/10 when compared to other crutches and tips.


OG Tips Glass Tips













  • Glass
  • No herb in mouth
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits most rollers


  • Can burn lips near end