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Concentrate Review: NW Kind’s XJ-13 Shatter

Hello there PNW followers. We're working hard to ramp up our concentrate reviews, and I'm back with another! We were lucky to come across a couple of flavors of NW Kind shatter, and we're gonna talk about their XJ-13! 


The Look:

NW Kind packages their concentrates in a black paper envelope branded with their logo and wrapped in parchment paper. This is a common form for companies to package their waxes/shatters/oils, and I wish they would take more time to be a bit more unique.


The shatter itself is a VERY pretty, clear, golden extraction. Just looking at it you can tell this is high quality stuff, there are very little bubbles and there is no plant matter or other particulates in the concentrate. From the look of it, it's been dewaxed as well so there aren't any plant lipids to inhale either.

The Experience:

Unwrapping the XJ is an experience in itself. As we unfolded the parchment paper and get our first look at this golden treasure I literally started to drool on myself. This is amazing looking stuff, you can't deny that!


The XJ-13 is a cross between Jack Herer and G-13 Haze, and you enjoy every bit of both strains! Both are amazing for pain relief and the sativa-dominate nature of this blend keeps you energetic while happy and high! This is a great day time dab and medicinally this is one of the best pain killers I've found. I love the Master Kush concentrate from Phat Dawg Pharms for pain relief, but this beats it hands down due to the CBD as well as the THC helping the pain relief.


Like many of the clearer shatters, this one has a higher price tag at the local dispensaries than some of the sugar waxes or sappier oils (but not higher than CO2 extractions). Also, due to mailing and transportation restrictions it doesn't have full market immersion, the same problem many extraction companies face. But, like the other concentrates we've reviewed, we can't really find a flaw in the shatter itself!

That's what we though of the XJ-13 shatter from NW Kind. This is another that has definitely claimed a spot in our top 5 concentrates that we've had a chance to test. The spicy, lemony taste is one of our favorite flavors and this has it in spades! Click below to find out more about NW Kind and the amazing extracts they make!

Tired of tane soup?

Grab some NW Kind and enjoy!













  • Great flavor
  • Amazing pain relief
  • Complete head high


  • Not readily available
  • Higher cost than some