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Medibles Review: Total Technique Tinctures Means Monster Cookie

Total Technique Tinctures Means Monster Cookie

Welcome back PNW fans! If you've read our reviews of Coma Treats and Grumpy Monkey's medibles already then you know how much I despise the taste of cannabis in my candy. I've said this before, but I feel that cannabis is very savory and if you’re putting it in something sweet you better be real good about masking the flavor. Most medible companies fail in this! Well, let's talk about the Total Technique Tinctures Means Monster cookie we got to sample!

Total Technique Tinctures:

We ran into the Total Technique team at the North Umpqua Music Festival in Glide, Oregon this past June. We were wandering the vendors and came across a medical cannabis booth that specialized in topicals and lotions.


Total Technique Tinctures



These guys make everything and were a fun group of people. They were a great couple and we enjoyed talking to them for a bit. We didn't get them included in our main article for the event, so we wanted to make sure to give them some attention! They deserved it.

The Cookie:

The cookie was labeled as "Means Monster". I don't know what strains determined that name to be honest but it fit......this thing WAS a monster!!




Look at that thing!! This thing weighed half a pound and it was easily over an inch thick. We were at a festival and it was large enough that we were able to share it with some friends. Talk about some value. I won't talk too much about cost here, the cost will vary depending on which shop you pick them up at, however I will say that if you can buy them direct then they are priced to be affordable for patients!

An interesting note about Total Techniques is that they make their medibles with tincture instead of being infused with BHO. This has the potential to be not as potent as BHO medibles, however that's good for the new consumer who may not have much experience with medibles. This cookie didn't disappoint though, read on for the effects.

Taste & Packaging

Let's talk about the specifics for a sec before we move on to the high. With the OLCC setting new rules about packaging and labeling, these guys were a little ahead of the game in my opinion. They don't waste money on expensive packaging that may be nixed in the future any way. Sadly though, they didn't do ANYTHING with their packaging. They just wrapped the cookie in foil, and then put that in a plastic bag that they sealed using their label. Not that protected in my opinion, but honestly I wasn't worried about it.


means monster cookie


The taste was spot on!! These were white chocolate with macadamia nut cookies and I LOVED them!! I'm a cusser and want to drop an f-bomb here I liked them so much, but I'll leave it at that. There was no cannabis flavor to these at all!!!

Unfortunately, because they were so large and thick they were a bit dense. Milk is a must with these!!!

The Effects:

Moving on to the effects, 354 mg of THC should be plenty for the casual consumer. In fact, I’m a medical cannabis patient myself and even though I consume meds with high percentages of THC and CBD regularly these managed to give me a slight body high that helped to alleviate my pain.


Total Technique Tinctures Means Monster Cookie


While these cookies didn't completely kill the nerve pain, they contained enough of the other cannabinoids that I was able to move freely about the festival grounds for about 12 hours easily. There was no stiffness, and I felt as if I had taken about 1600 milligrams of ibuprophen. Now that's medicine in my book!


Like most of my medible and strain reviews the main flaw is availability. Until cannabis has been removed from Schedule I and you can cross state lines with it there will NEVER be the availability we need in this industry.

The size can be a turn-off for some with the denseness it brings, so that has to be listed as a flaw as well. They are also not as potent as BHO infused medibles. However, NONE of these flaws really detract from the quality of the medible here.

And that's the Means Monster cookie from Total Technique Tinctures PNW fans. Packed with cannabinoids, these are great for people looking for a mellow cannabis medible that won't melt them into the couch. We wish we had contact info for them beyond the email address, but hit them up if you're looking for great tasting cannabis medibles.

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  • Mellow body high
  • Large cookie
  • Clear packaging (doesn't target children)
  • No cannabis flavor


  • Too big for some people
  • Not as potent as BHO infused
  • Hard to find
  • Dense