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Subscription Review: May 2017 Dollar High Club Cinco de Mayo El Primo Box

Subscription Review: May 2017 Dollar High Club Cinco de Mayo El Primo Box
Subscription Review: May 2017 Dollar High Club Cinco de Mayo El Primo Box

Thanks for joining us PNW CannaReviews fans! May is here and along with showers May also brought us the Cinco de Mayo themed El Primo box from Daily High Club!

The Daily High Club Subscription Service:

The DHC team offers three different levels to choose from ranging from $1 (yes, that’s ONE DOLLAR!) to $30 a month, so you get to choose just how much you want to get each month. This is PERFECT for those looking for an introductory option to test the waters so to speak. Let’s look at this month’s El Primo box!

The El Primo:

The El Primo is the largest box you can subscribe to from DHC, and this is the box for those who REALLY want a variety! This box came with a ton of items! This is the Connoisseur level plus glass! We got:

  • Element filter tips
  • Hemp rolling papers
  • Bottle opener lighter (we miss our Clipper lighter for sure!)
  • Cyclone clear joint cones
  • Bee Lasso hempwick
  • Dragon bristle pipe cleaners
  • RAW lanyard with roach clip
  • RAW pocket ashtray
  • Slaps x2
  • Hemp blunt wraps
  • Corona bottle bong

Once again DHC provides a pretty good box with a nice piece of glass. The Corona bong is a nice, durable, unique water bong which will be easy to clean. The branding will wear off eventually, but other than that it’s pretty nice. This one will actually be a display piece that we don’t smoke out of we like it so much!

This is their top tier box, and for the low cost and no shipping this box has always been one of our top picks for a stoner subscription service. The glass we receive is always worth the $30 spent and so everything else is just gravy! We expect a little more out of them, but it’s still very worth subscribing.

Side note: DHC is one of the few that actually offer the items in their boxes in an online store, so you didn’t miss out on some of these items even though it’s way past September!


There weren’t many flaws for this service. DHC stepped it up this month for sure! Their packaging was a step backwards in my opinion, but other than that they provided quality for what you paid for!

As always, Dollar High Club satisfies even this critic, and for only $30 the box is a steal! This box always manages to make me laugh and rejoice, even when I’m not quite on board with their choices.  These guys definitely receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval!

Subscription Review: May 2017 Dollar High Club El Primo Box











  • Great assortment of products
  • Glass worth as much or more than value of box
  • Most of the items in this month's box were used


  • Packaging leaves a bit to be desired
  • Better lighters need to be included
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