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Product Review: Juicy Jay’s Mango Flavored Rolling Papers

How’s it going PNW followers? We're back with another paper review, this time for the Juicy Jays "Mango" flavored papers. These are flavored hemp papers that utilize a soy ink to print the images on on the non-glue side.


I was hesitant to give these a try to be honest. I'm not into flavored smoking, when I quit smoking cigarettes I used an e-cig but I didn't use any of the fruity flavors. I like the flavor of my cannabis when smoked and I didn't want some odd flavor to alter that at all.

The Papers:

According to their website, Juicy Jays are fully flavored papers instead of just the gum line. That means you taste the flavor the entire time you smoke the joint. They're also made of hemp instead of rice or other materials, which we prefer here at the PNWCR HQ!


As you can see, the JJs are printed with an image. This one had mangoes, obviously, and I was concerned about smoking the ink. However, they use a soy based ink which is supposed to be safe to smoke.


Smoking the "J":

I have to say, I was honestly surprised at the way the papers smoked. I was reading the box before we lit up and they have these little facts about the papers. One thing I read was about the special ink they use that we talked about above.


It's a bit hard to read in this photo (click for a larger image), but it says that the soy based ink is not only safe to consume but that the special watermark prevents running. They weren't kidding either, this was a great smoke that was nice and even. You just had to be careful when licking the paper, they use a plant based glue that wears off if you get it too wet.


As you see in the photo above, they spent some time on their packaging. There are bright colors and lots of info on the paper. The thing we liked the most about these was on the backside though!



That white box in the left corner says, "This product is absolutely only to be used with legal non-tobacco smoking herbs such as Passion Flower or sage." We're going to add OR CANNABIS!! We enjoyed the fact that they aren't supporting the unhealthy habit of cigarette smoking. Kudos to the JJ crew for promoting healthy habits!

The Flavor:

As I mentioned above, I was nervous about tasting the flavor the whole time I was smoking. I couldn't be more wrong to be honest. I was afraid these were going to taste like candy the entire time we were smoking, but these work like Swisher Sweets where you get some flavor on your lips but the papers themselves don't have a taste when you burn them. You only taste the cannabis you are smoking, and because these are hemp there isn't any odd paper flavor.


Nothing is perfect, and these are the same. Unfortunately, the glue is VERY weak, and you have to be careful with how much you are licking them to prevent the glue from coming off. They could be thinner too, we prefer super thin papers such as the Futurola Slim papers. That was about it though, we highly enjoyed these papers even though they aren't our normal go-to.

That’s what we thought of Juicy Jay's mango flavored papers. We enjoyed them, and recommend them for anyone who wants a flavored smoking experience or if you REALLY like Swishers. We'll catch you next time PNW fans!


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  • No runs
  • Flavor not overpowering
  • Hemp


  • Weak glue
  • Thicker than preferred