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Munchie Review: KunFusion Grill, Eugene, Oregon

20150318_120256Yes, that’s me in the photo stuffin my face on my lunch break today…..

What’s that I’m shovin in my mouth you may ask? That’s a kyro from the guys at the Kunfusion Food Truck, their version of the yummy gyro we all know and love! This team of awesome guys (and a gal) is based in Eugene, Oregon so all of you Oregon readers and visiters have an awesome spot to go when the munchies hit! They have an awesome blend of Mexican and Korean flavors that punch you in the mouth with flavor! Every bite reminds you why you just made the drive, no matter where they’re parked for the day.

The Kyro:


I gotta tell you about this kyro – It comes with your choice of protein (spicy pork, beef, chicken, or tofu) with Korean salad, Kunfusion sauce, jack cheese, cilantro, salsa roja, toasted sesame seeds, and a creamy tzatziki sauce wrapped in a warm flat bread to make the ultimate kyro. This put the normal gyro to shame for me, and I haven't looked back since!

The Tacos:

These guys have their food on lock! They make several items, all excellent for when you just gotta have some food with a ton of flavor! I won’t call them stoner food, but I’d be hard pressed to say I want something more when I’ve medicated than this food! I mean, look at that taco! Meat, salsa roja, Korean salad, Kunfusion sauce, cilantro and toasted sesame seeds wrapped in a warm tortilla! Unbeatable!




Other Options:

As you can see, they offer a ton of stuff! Adult grilled cheese sandwiches packed with meat and sesame seeds cooked into the bread. Quesadillas that are out of this world! Burritos bigger than a baby (we’re serious, those things are 2-3 meals alone), and you can drown them in a red sauce that’s just badass! If none of that suits your fancy, you can get a bowl of all of their awesome goodies, topped with a fried egg for creaminess. You just can’t go wrong when you’re looking for a spot to get your grub on.




One of the best things about this is that the food lives up to the expectations the menu gives. Everything sounds great when you're reading the menu, and it all really is. A bit more expensive than heading to Taco Bell, but your taste buds and your stomach will thank you for sure!!! We love to eat here, the quality never fails us and the staff is super friendly. They're only open 3 days a week, from 11:30 AM until they run out of food, and so it can be hard to get your Kunfusion fix when you're really wanting one! That's the ONLY flaw as far as I'm concerned for these great guys! They'll even deliver if you call them with enough time! How do you beat that?!

Go see the team at Kunfusion Grill Food Truck and tell em Jon said hello!

Getting hungry?

Check out the KunFusion menu now..!

KunFusion Grill Food Truck













  • Amazing flavors
  • Quality ingredients
  • Friendly staff
  • Cater/Delivery options


  • Only open 3 days a week