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Strain Review: LBSD CO2 Vape Pen from Kalapooya Fire

L.B.S.D from Kalapooya Fire
Strain Review: LBSD CO2 Vape Pen from Kalapooya Fire

Hello PNW fans! Thanks for joining us for another strain review here in the PNW CannaReviews HQ! Today we’re reviewing the LBSD CO2 vape pen from Kalapooya Fire! Kalapooya Fire is a new brand in the Oregon cannabis industry and these are the BEST vape pens we’ve found so far on the market.

Kalapooya Fire works with premier farms in Oregon such as Phantom Pharms and a select few others. They only choose to work with farms that fit their mission of providing a quality, craft product that is a step above the rest. This particular pen was made in collaboration with Wolf Kind Farms.

Packaging & Construction

Each box looks like a match box and the cartridges are designed to look like a match stick.The batteries are painted to look like wood grain (not stickered!), even going so far as to have knots on some of them and not on others. The cartridges are manufactured to work best with their branded batteries. To make sure that you get the best hit each cartridge comes with their battery.

Each battery has a variable air flow and variable temp control so you can control the size of your hit and the strength of your high.

Each matchbox has a specific logo of the farm that worked with Kalapooya for that strain and shows the level of detail Kalapooya put in for the branding side of things!

The Experience

Kalapooya Fire captures the original terpenes before processing the oils so every strain tastes just like the flower it was processed from. The LBSD, however, only had a very muted flavor of the actual plant. There were some earthy and piney flavors, but not the punch I expected from the Kalapooya formulation. The high is also muted, it wasn’t as strong as the last few we’ve reviewed and so we have to smoke much more at one time for the same high. The flavor also isn’t as long lasting as the Pirate’s Eye or Sour Tangie strains.

That being said, these are still an amazing pen and not one has leaked or stopped functioning yet. Although this isn’t my favorite, someone looking for a softer flavor and not such a strong high will enjoy this pen very much.

Thanks for watching our next review of the Kalapooya Fire Matchstik vape pens. These are definitely PNWCR Approved and we recommend these to anyone, not just those looking for an easier way to consume on the go.

L.B.S.D from Kalapooya Fire













  • Quality construction
  • Light colored oil
  • Well branded cartridges
  • Highlights flower used in extract


  • No preheat on battery
  • A bit expensive
  • Flavor not as strong as other strains
  • High wasn't too strong
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